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  • David Perry

    Bedding Today

    David Perry

    September 17, 2014

    Some answers to key questions on the Mattress Firm-Sleep Train deal

    This week we pose three questions on the blockbuster announcement that Mattress Firm has agreed to acquire West Coast powerhouse Sleep Train. We will take these questions one at a time. (See earlier article.) With this move, will Mattress Firm dominate the retail bedding landscape? Given the chain’s high profile, one that gets even higher with each major acquisition, it might seem that Mattress Firm does dominate the retail mattress world. But the numbers tell a very different story. With the addition of Sleep Train, the No. 4 bedding retailer, No. 1 Mattress Firm will have a market share ...

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  • Ray Allegrezza

    Editor's Desk

    Ray Allegrezza

    September 17, 2014

    Leadership Conference will provide tools for innovation

    If you intend to stay in business, innovation is the "in" that will keep you in the game. So, with that supposition in mind, we've decided to make innovation the theme of this year's Leadership Conference. (Click here for details.) Our theme is Are You In(novative)? and we plan to tie innovation to each of our presentations during this year's conference, set for Dec. 2-4 at the lovely Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort in Naples, Fla. To show you the absolute connection between innovation and profitability, Steve Barr, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP., will share findings from a recent ...

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  • David Perry

    Bedding Today

    David Perry

    September 10, 2014

    A small vendor's plight: No one ever calls back

    We will call this "The Plight of the Small Vendor." It includes some heartfelt comments from a vendor seeking to find a niche in the bedding arena. The vendor shared these thoughts with me but then had serious second thoughts about going public with his views, and asked me not to publish them. I agreed. Since then I’ve reflected on this vendor’s letter to me. It contains some points that deserve public discussion, I think. So I’ve taken out all personal references, and I’ve gotten permission from the vendor to release this version of his letter ...

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New Epperson Book

Jerry Epperson Fifty Years of Furniture Styling

Read Jerry Epperson's "Fifty Years of Furniture Styling." Widely regarded as the ultimate industry insider, Jerry's longstanding relationships with the captains of our industry and his in-depth analyses of the inner workings of the trade qualify him as a treasure trove of knowledge.  See details on his latest book.

Vegas Market Videos

Monica Pedersen at Vegas

See our video coverage of the Summer 2014 Las Vegas Market.  We talk to key retailers and suppliers for the latest product trends and business news. Click to view. Coverage is sponsored by Storis.


  • ABC registration

    ABC Kids Expo Fall 2014 Highlights

    Infant and youth furniture, gear and accessory manufacturers revealed an abundance of new collections and products at the 2014 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. Here, we give you some of the highlights. - Kyra Gemberling

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