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Pat McCrory at High Point Market

Follow Furniture/Today's video coverage of the Fall High Point Market. Click to view. Sponsored by MicroD.

Epperson Book

Jerry Epperson Fifty Years of Furniture Styling

Read Jerry Epperson's book - "Fifty Years of Furniture Styling." He provides his in-depth analyses of the inner workings of the furniture sector.  Click here for details.


  • Bill McLoughlin

    Furniture Everyday

    Bill McLoughlin

    October 31, 2014

    Truck Stop: Driver shortage will fuel rising rates

    While recent economic news coupled with reports from the High Point Market offer reason for optimism within the furniture industry, there is a cloud on the horizon that could rain on the industry’s parade, soon, and for a long time to come. According to statistics from the American Trucking Association, there is currently a shortage of 30,000 trucker drivers in the U.S. Additionally, the ATA estimates that the industry will need 100,000 new drivers annually for the next decade; a number that is unlikely to be met given current wages and working conditions. As importantly, the ...

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  • Dana French

    Research Says

    Dana French

    October 30, 2014

    5 things to know about online shopping and buying

    Eight out of 10 consumers have bought home furnishings online. 65% of online buyers have been happy with what they bought. 47% of consumers say they’d never buy a sofa online and 20% would never buy a mattress online. Half of consumers with a smartphone used it both before and during a brick-and-mortar furniture store shopping trip. Millennials and higher-income consumers are most likely to use their smartphone while shopping. Online furniture and bedding sales totaled $9 billion last year, about 9% of total furniture sales. Click here to read the full report, which originally printed in Furniture/Today ...

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  • Pat Cory blog

    Logistics and Home Delivery

    Pat Cory

    October 27, 2014

    Labor vs. Space

    Labor vs. Space As retailers continue to expand into new markets and increase their presence on the internet they look for ways to expand their delivery areas. The question becomes what is more expensive: labor or space? If retailers move out of densely populated urban areas the cost of warehousing becomes less but the labor costs increase because you must move the labor from the urbanized area to the area that you have a cross dock or small warehouse. The question then becomes is it more important to find a low cost building or is it more important to use ...

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Regulatory Summit

Regulatory conference

Furniture/Today is planning a West Coast Regulatory & Compliance Summit to be held Wednesday, Nov. 5, at the Hotel Menage in Anaheim. See details!

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  • USA Premium Leather


    The company's newest contemporary home theater group features a raspberry leather cover. USA PREMIUM LEATHER
    C-1440, C-1432

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