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  • Jennifer Adams

    Jennifer Adams Explains the Power of Bold Neutrals

    Designer Jennifer Adams is launching her second collection with Covington Fabric & Design at Showtime in High Point. At High Point Market, Adams offered a sneak peek at the collection and a look at her furniture line in The MT Company showroom.

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  • Powell Slaughter

    Logistics Logic

    Powell Slaughter

    May 26, 2015

    Be aware of objective dangers in logistics

    This year's lesson in logistics: Our industry's ability to serve customers often remains at the mercy of events out of our control. Port gridlock that lasted for months at West Coast ports, a truck drivers’ strike in late April in the LA/Long Beach port complex, and the compounded effect of regulation on an already existing shortage of truck drivers carrying our goods are just a few examples of what we in the mountaineering community call “objective dangers” — avalanches, rock fall, lighting strikes and such — all those things outside the climber’s own control. Bottom line: If you ...

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  • Bill McLoughlin

    Furniture Everyday

    Bill McLoughlin

    May 26, 2015

    You might want to stay awake for this...

    I recently returned from the Furniture/Today Bedding Conference where I learned, among other things, I don’t get enough sleep. Speaker James Maas, a renowned sleep expert, listed six factors, the presence of any two of which are indicators of sleep deprivation. I nearly jumped up and yelled “Bingo!” having hit ’em all. Not that this is surprising. According to Maas, 71% of people don’t get the recommended 7.5 - 9.25 hours per night and 75% of people experience a sleep problem at least three nights a week. The event’s closing panel came back to this ...

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  • Mike Root

    From A Rep's Perspective

    Mike Root

    May 20, 2015

    Big Marketing Lesson Comes From an Untimely Departure

    Big Marketing Lesson Comes From an Untimely Departure Recently I wrote an article to my customers that was not about furniture, not about a factory, and not about training. But this article has been commented on more than anything else I have written. I thought I would share it with you and see if you can tell why so many people have commented on it. Headline read: Applications Now Being Taken: Big Shoes to Fill In Our Marketing Department… Something happened Saturday at market that I did not share with anyone until now. I had a very hardworking employee of ...

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  • Thomas Lester

    An Inside Look

    Thomas Lester

    May 20, 2015

    Signage important in the sale

    "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind.” With all necessary apologies to ’70s rock group Five Man Electrical Band, signs have their place. They are an important part of the retail scenery. After all, once your consumer sees what she wants, the signs give her the rest of the vital information. Signs can break the ice and introduce deals. During March’s Furniture/Today Finance Workshop, Progressive Leasing’s Blake Wakefield talked about how sales reps wearing a simple button saying “You’re Approved” prompted conversations about the retailer’s no credit needed program and ...

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High Point Market Videos

Governor Pat McCrory at HP Market

Bill McLoughlin, editor-in-chief of Furniture/Today, sits down with North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, Congressman Mark Walker, High Point Mayor Bill Bencini and George Jordan, president of MT Company to discuss new programs aimed at helping support furniture industry growth. Start Watching! Coverage sponsored by MicroD.

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    The company's newest contemporary home theater group features a raspberry leather cover. USA PREMIUM LEATHER
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