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  • Ray Allegrezza

    Editor's Desk

    Ray Allegrezza

    September 2, 2014

    Casting Call: Let's Talk in High Point

    As most of you know, the theme for our upcoming Leadership Conference is Are You In(novative)? So, it’s not surprising that as I plan the agenda, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about the topic of innovation. And the more I think about innovation, the more I realize that it comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes innovation starts by thinking outside the box. However, an equally powerful form of innovation can and does come by taking an existing concept, product or idea and taking it to the next level, a technique some call reimagining. Here ...

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  • Mike Root

    From A Rep's Perspective

    Mike Root

    August 29, 2014

    Labor Day Thoughts

    This weekend as a country we celebrate hard working Americans in all professions and occupations. Those of us who rely on the furniture business as our primary income also celebrate the retailer’s “Labor Day” sales that in many cases go on for three weeks or more. No matter what the reason for the Monday holiday, this seems to mark the end of summer, the start of football season and need for reps to start getting ready for fall markets. As you begin to look ahead to the next several months I encourage you to take a look at your ...

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  • Image of Eric Easter

    The 'Why' of Leadership

    Eric Easter

    August 27, 2014


    One of my goals after leaving college was to get in a position of authority as quickly as possible. I had worked for people from the time I was twelve and knew that I did not want to do this for any longer than necessary. It was not that I had worked for terrible people—quite the opposite, in fact—but rather that I wanted to call the shots, make the decisions and not have to acquiesce. Looking back, it is hard to believe that I was that naïve at twenty-two. So it goes. Reality kicked in a few ...

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Vegas Market Videos

Monica Pedersen at Vegas

See our video coverage of the Summer 2014 Las Vegas Market.  We talk to key retailers and suppliers for the latest product trends and business news. Click to view. Coverage is sponsored by Storis.

Nationwide Webcast

Nationwide Webinar

Jerry EppersonIf you missed the chance to attend our live webinar featuring Jerry Epperson's mid-year update on the "State of the Industry for 2014," sponsored by Nationwide Marketing Group, you can still view the recorded version.  Click here!


  • Bobby Rhynes, Southern Motion

    Made by Americans

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans spend their days in factories making the furniture that winds up in homes across the country. In this slideshow, we’re recognizing those workers with a few images that show the faces, and the places, behind the products.

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  • USA Premium Leather


    The company's newest contemporary home theater group features a raspberry leather cover. USA PREMIUM LEATHER
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