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Kingsdown shows enhance Sleep Smart line

LAS VEGAS - Top 15 bedding producer Kingsdown said it has successfully previewed its high-tech Sleep Smart bed with a group of retailers and is showing an enhanced version of the system here.
The Sleep Smart system uses technology to "read" a sleeper's body and create an individualized sleep surface, and is now available to all dealers, the Mebane, N.C.-based company said. The three-model line now starts at $6,999, a new lower price point.
Another key adjustment includes a plusher feel for the system that integrates encased coils, air pockets, and foam. And a new line of improved adjustable bases was selected to work better with the system's integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.
"What we've done for Vegas Market is make a groundbreaking product even stronger," said Kingsdown President and CEO Frank Hood. "During our preview period at the start of 2013, we listened carefully to the input provided by our dealers on how to make this collection even better and the result is a top-notch product with a more accessible starting price point that makes it even more saleable for our retailers."
The Sleep Smart mattresses are designed to monitor movement, understand pain, ease pressure, track sleep patterns, and even gently wake a sleeper from a deep sleep, the company said.
Kingsdown's Scientific Measurement and Response Technology (S.M.A.R.T) sensors automatically trigger air cylinders that slowly expand or contract for individualized comfort. The cylinders are paired with encased coils and specialty foams to provide optimal support throughout the night. The mattress not only adjusts to sleeping patterns and movements, it provides sleep reports showing the amount of time slept, how well the sleeper slept, and how sleep patterns have changed over time, the company said.
The optional Sleep Smart app available for both Apple and Android devices also allows sleepers to create a personal profile. After just three to five minutes, the mattress learns an individual's body and makes the appropriate ergonomic adjustments, thus creating a "fingerprint" for each sleeper. In the days that follow, the mattress will study sleep patterns and identify parts of the body in pain in order to soothe those areas each night and optimize sleep.
As a body changes - due to injury, pregnancy, or age - Sleep Smart changes, constantly adjusting itself to meet individual sleep needs, officials said.
The company, which shows in World Market Center B-1300, is launching a new website at to back the introduction of the Sleep Smart line.
As retailers experience the product in Las Vegas, consumers can simultaneously experience the product virtually while being introduced to the concept of a bed that "thinks" for them. The new site is designed around the tagline: "Only This Bed Stays Awake While You Comfortably, Soundly Sleep."
"Sleep Smart provides an entirely new way to think about sleep," Hood said. "That's why we need to be assertive in re-educating retailers and the general public that a bed can and should play an active role in helping them achieve the best night's sleep possible.
"As your body changes, so should your bed. When you experience pain, your mattress should sense that. While you're sleeping, your bed should track sleep patterns and movement. We understand that these are revolutionary ideas, and that's why we're compiling easy to understand resources on this new website."

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