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Selling Sleep

Marketing overview

The most common way to fight tiredness or drowsiness isn't necessarily healthy, the Better Sleep Council notes. One-third of adults say they always turn to coffee or caffeinated beverages to get an energy boost during the day, and another one third sometimes do so. But less than one in four Americans always resorts to more healthy approaches, such as taking a break or taking a walk.
     Excess caffeine consumption can be a big problem for consumers struggling to get a good night's sleep. Caffeine remains in the body for hours. Sleep experts recommend that consumers cut out caffeine consumption by early afternoon. With two-thirds of consumers always or sometimes turning to caffeinated drinks to get an energy boost, sleep problems are virtually assured.

Applying the findings

This data can help retail sales associates become lifestyle coaches for their customers. Sharing this data with consumers gives them a window on the habits that most consumers use to give themselves an energy boost. Caffeine is common. So is snacking. Both can affect health negatively.
     Less common, unfortunately, are healthier alternatives, like taking a walk. Consumers are twice as likely to always turn to a caffeinated drink than to take a walk, this data reveals. Many consumers would sleep better if they reversed that trend and turned to a walk first.
     This data can provide a wake-up call for consumers who struggle to get a good night of sleep, as it paints a vivid picture of the often unhealthy ways that consumers cope with drowsiness during the day. Sadly, that drowsiness - and the poor choices consumers make in treating it - can make drowsiness at night elusive.


How frequently do you use the following coping mechanisms when you feel tired or drowsy during the day?



Coffee or caffeinated beverage



Taking a break



Taking a nap



Snacking: candy/cookies or energy bar



Taking a walk



Energy drink



Source: Better Sleep Council 2013 Consumer Survey

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