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New sleep accessories plentiful in High Point

HIGH POINT - New pillow lines are proliferating here as the sleep accessories segment continues to gain ground in the bedding retail marketplace.
     Mattress retailers are increasingly turning to sleep accessories to boost their sales tickets and give consumers more comfort. And producers here are stepping out with a variety of new accessory lines.
     FXI is introducing its Dr. Breus Pillow Collection, which includes five models: The Breathable Pillow, Puzzle Pillow, Hybrid Pillow, Wave Pillow and Low Profile Pillow. Each is made using FXI's breathable foam and features dust mite and allergen resistant technology. The pillows come with a removable, washable cover that is made with a soft, sateen cotton and Coolmax polyester blended fabric, ensuring temperature regulation and superior moisture wicking, the company said. Retails range from $89 to $109.
     Pure LatexBliss is expanding its pillow offering with the introduction of its ActiveFusion Climate Control pillows. The new collection, which doubles the company's pillow program, uses cutting edge material to cool a warm sleeper and warm a cool sleeper in the same bed, helping two partners sleep at their optimal body temperatures. The company is offering a new customizable pillow display concept to be used at retail.
     "Pillows are just as important as mattresses when trying to achieve a great night's sleep," said Kurt Ling, president of Pure LatexBliss. "Since retailer and consumer response to our beds with ActiveFusion technology has been extremely positive, we felt it was necessary to add this incredible feature to our line of pillows. Incorporating this technology into our pillows ensures consumers can achieve a comfortable, cool or warm sleep experience from head to toe."
     The new collection is made exclusively from natural Talalay latex with ActiveFusion Climate Control phase change technology and utilizes both "fast" and "slow" response options. "Fast response" pillows are made with natural Talalay latex for a traditional Talalay latex luxury feel and the "slow response" pillows mimic high quality memory foam but are more supportive and made from a special formulation of Talalay latex, the company said.
     Serta is showcasing its complete line of iComfort gel memory foam pillows, which complement the company's popular iComfort line of gel memory foam beds. The full iComfort mattress line is also on display.
      Protection products are also among the accessories featured in High Point.
     Caber Sure Fit, a Canadian supplier, is expanding into the U.S. market and makes its first High Point showing here. It is introducing its DreamSerene line.
    The collection of mattress and pillow protectors features an Allergy Shield and Wet Block Technology - a breathable stain and waterproof barrier - to guard against allergens, bed bugs and water damage, the company says.
     Suggested retail prices for the DreamSerene collection range from $59 to $199.
    Protect-A-Bed is showing its new Luxury Adjustable Bed Kit, developed to serve the growing activity in the adjustable bed category. The kit contains the AllerZip smooth mattress encasement, a luxury mattress protector and two luxury pillow protectors. The luxury products have natural thermo-regulating properties to help sleepers maintain an even core body temperature.
     Glideaway Sleep Products is adding its Comfort Premier mattress protector to the Sleepharmony mattress and pillow protector collection. It features 100% natural wool and a Silpure silver treatment, designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the sleep surfaces fresh.
    All of Glideaway's protection products are backed with sales training, point-of purchase materials and retail displays.
     Knickerbocker Bed Co. is expanding its EmBrace bedding support program with the introduction of a fifth color. The program is designed to make a bedroom statement while providing superior support.

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