Craftmaster expands warehouse to stock hot-selling product

Gary Evans, June 21, 2012

 Craftmaster’s recently introduced Encore leather line is among the products that will be stocked in the company’s expanded warehouse.Craftmaster’s recently introduced Encore leather line is among the products that will be stocked in the company’s expanded warehouse.

TAYLORSVILLE, N.C. — Upholstery maker Craftmaster Furniture has expanded its warehousing capacity by 50% by adding 25,000 additional square feet to its facilities here, the company said.

"We have added the capacity due to the success of the two new programs that we introduced at the past April market," said Roy Calcagne, president and CEO.

One is a new quick-ship program of 10 best-selling groups that are in stock and ready to ship within 48 hours.

"This program is designed to allow our dealers to reduce their inventory levels and let Craftmaster hold the finished products in our facility," Calcagne said. "We take the inventory risk and cash flow burden off our customers and provide a very quick turnaround at no additional cost."

The second program requiring additional warehouse capacity is the new Encore Leather Collection, a 100% leather product made at the Lacquer Craft factory in Jiashan, China.

"The response to this program was overwhelming," he said. "We underestimated the reaction of our dealers going into the market and found that our current capacity was not going to be sufficient to handle the orders we received at the market and afterwards."

The Encore warehouse program stocks 20 leather groups in the Taylorsville facility and offers dealers the option of not having to buy containers. All styles are available on a direct container basis at a reduced price, however, if that's a dealer's preference.

"The beauty of this program is that we flow the containers through our facility and allow a dealer to try a few groups from our warehouse program and not have to buy large quantities to test. When they are successful, they then have the option to buy on a container-direct basis if they choose. It really takes the inventory risk out of the process when buying items," Calcagne added.

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