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Ray Allegrezza

Accommodating ‘smart' folks

Ray AllegrezzaRay Allegrezza
Welcome to the era of smart shopping.
     Last week, I read a report from Leo J. Shapiro and Associates discussing how a growing number of smartphone users are using mobile Internet to shop brick and mortar retailers.
     The just-released national survey determined that some 66% of all smartphone owners use those devices to aid in the shopping process, and more than 33% of the consumers polled admit that they do so while physically in a traditional retail establishment.
     The survey, which was conducted in December and February among more than 300 smartphone users, also found that some 10% of shoppers, while at the actual point of sale, are using them to check prices before they pull the trigger.
     While near the point of sale, 15% of those polled said they look up facts and figures; 11% said they compare prices at different stores; 9% said they read product reviews and 8% said they compare prices at retailers' websites.
     The Shapiro survey also found that the vast majority of smartphone shoppers - 81% - use their phones to shop before ever entering the store.
     So, what does all of this mean to brick and mortar retailers?
     Potentially, it could mean lots of dollars, especially if an equally recent study from ClickIQ is on the money.
     That study, based on input from 3,800 consumers, concluded that 29% of respondents who said they use their smartphones to research products while in a store ended up making the purchase from an online retailer.
     And if you think shoppers have forgotten the Great Recession of 2007, think again. When asked what motivated their purchases, 67% indicated that price was the determining factor. Product availability, the response from 14% of the group, was a distant second, followed by features and free shipping, the answers of 8% and 7% of the group, respectively.
     Not too long ago, blended strategy was the money phrase. It referred to a supplier that sourced some goods here and some offshore.
     Today, blended strategy for retailers means you better have a click to complement your brick.
     Do you?

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