Group developing online glossary of textile terms

Gary Evans, July 13, 2009

A group of textile designers, manufacturers and educators, together with the International Textile Market Assn., is developing an online glossary of textile terms for the home furnishings industry. is the brainchild of Jim Calhoun, a 25-year industry veteran and project director for Miles Talbott Upholstery. He expects the site to be up and running this fall or winter.

“There is a need for a Web-based, industry-endorsed, standardized glossary of textile terminology because, while there are a number of textile glossaries in print and on the Internet, they are either outdated or not specific to the home furnishings community or not accessible to a broad audience,” said Calhoun.

He said the glossary “will include definitions approved by industry participants, appropriate photographic examples and possible videos. The site for the glossary also may provide links to other sites with additional related information about textiles in other industries or other uses of textiles in the home furnishings industry.”

For instance, a person could log in to find the definition of a jacquard, its construction from fiber to fabric, and other pertinent information.

In addition to Calhoun, other members of the team include Wesley Mancini, president and owner of Wesley Mancini Ltd.; Brenda Sewell-Bost and Karen Williams, founders of D2; Catherine Morsell, executive director of the ITMA; Nancy Boiter Powell, associate professor, North Carolina State University College of Textiles; Ellen Gefen, Gefen Productions; and Greg Rosendale, Glen Raven Fabrics.

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