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Boyd Specialty Sleep to roll out gel memory foam mattresses

 This Gel Rest model is part of Boyd Specialty Sleep’s entry into the gel bedding arena.This Gel Rest model is part of Boyd Specialty Sleep’s entry into the gel bedding arena.

ST. LOUIS — Boyd Specialty Sleep is entering the fast-growing gel memory foam segment with a line of four beds that will begin shipping in mid-December and will be shown at the Las Vegas Market in January.

Boyd's new gel-infused memory foam line is called Gel Rest and is aimed at giving retailers "outstanding quality and comfort, patent-pending features and great visual appeal" at value price points that satisfy the middle market, according to President Dennis Boyd.

The collection, expected to retail from $799 to $1,299 in queen, "fills a gap that exists in the market between higher - and lower-priced memory foam or gel-foam offerings," Boyd said.

The Gel Rest line aims to make available the cooling conformance benefits of today's gel-foams to the many shoppers who are neither $699 nor $2,000-plus customers, said Boyd, adding that the memory foam category is now established enough to accommodate a needed mid-price segment.

Boyd's new Gel Rest models have a 25-year limited warranty covering depressions greater than three-fourths inch and incorporate several patent-pending features that differentiate the beds from competing gel-foam products, the company said.

Each model uses up to three inches of Boyd's exclusive open-cell memory foam enhanced with Micro Tec Gel, a design that provides contouring comfort and neutralizes sleep temperature, the company said.

All of Boyd's foams are produced in sealed pressure chambers that contain virtually all volatile organic compounds, resulting in eco-conscious foam that has a more consistent cell structure and better performance than foam produced using open-air methods, the company says.

The Micro Tec Gel layer features Stay Cool channel venting in three zones - a patent-pending design that increases air flow under the body and enables heat to dissipate through the vents in the foam. "We've also placed our gel-foam layer just under the cover - not in the middle layers of the mattress - where it provides maximum heat dispersal for the sleeper," Boyd added.

Gel Rest beds, which are UPS-shippable and range from eight to 13 inches high, also combine layers of Boyd's open-cell memory foams, convoluted memory foams and other high-density support foams based on the model.

Boyd will officially introduce the line at the Las Vegas Market, which opens Jan. 30.

In addition to the bed collection, Boyd will present at the January market two-, three- and four-inch Gel Rest toppers made with its Micro Tec Gel-infused memory foam for conformance plus a high-density foam layer for support. The new toppers are expected to retail from $99 to $299 in queen.


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