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Four of the latest rug, carpeting materials

Features Recycled Silk Fiber, Cellulosic, Polypropylene, Polyester

NEW YORK - Covering a timeworn floor can become an interesting experiment, especially when tapping into the vast array of innovative materials that go beyond simple flooring and carpeting purposes. For this month's column, Material ConneXion presents a selection of four of the latest rug and carpeting materials.

1. Recycled silk fiber

Recycled silk fiber MC# 6895-02Recycled silk fiber MC# 6895-02

MC# 6895-02
100% recycled silk fiber that has been recovered from the silk waste disposed of in the silk reeling process, as well as from the cut cocoons (from the silk breeding facilities) that are un-reelable and unusable. This silk is naturally a shiny creamy color but can be dyed using natural and synthetic reactive color-dye into any desired color. The silk yarn is tested and certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100 (tested for harmful substances). Applications include fabrics, especially for lightweight blouses, neckties, scarves, handkerchiefs, underwear, Japanese kimonos and Indian saris.

Cellulosic, cationically activated viscose fiber MC# 6971-01Cellulosic, cationically activated viscose fiber MC# 6971-01
2. Cellulosic, cationically activated viscose fiber
MC# 6971-01

100% cellulosic, cationically activated viscose (rayon) fiber with more than 10 times the dye-pick up capacity and dye-pick up speed of standard viscose, thereby reducing cost, time, dyestuff, water and energy. This fiber does not require the addition of salt or soda to the dyebath, and makes one-bath dyeing of blended fabrics possible, both natural and synthetic. The fiber is produced through a wet spinning process whereby the extruded filaments are solidified in a coagulation bath. The fiber can be converted into yarn for woven or knitted fabrics or processed with nonwoven and wetlaid technologies for applications such as color catching sheets for laundry, filtration or to obtain cross dyeing or mélange effects on blended fabrics.

3. Post-consumer polypropylene polymer resin
MC# 6964-02

Post-consumer polypropylene polymer resin MC# 6964-02Post-consumer polypropylene polymer resin MC# 6964-02
Post-consumer polypropylene (PP) polymer resin, harvested from recycled residential carpets, which are composed of 94% PA, 2% PP and 4% ash. The face fiber of the carpet (nylon) is separated from the backing (PP), through mechanical grinding. Using a wet mechanical separation process, the fibers are sorted into their pure forms. The fibers are then extruded into pellet form that is suitable for compounding feedstock, extrusion and injection molding. The pellets are a gray/green color and a black coloration additive can be included. Customization of physical properties can be achieved through fiberglass and mineral additives are per customer request. Applications include automotive and industrial parts, lawn/garden equipment and a compounding additive to enhance prime nylons.


Polyester carpet tile backing MC# 6751-02Polyester carpet tile backing MC# 6751-02

100% polyester (40% post-consumer recycled) carpet tile backing that increases sound absorption by 60% over standard leading carpet tiles. This is done through the layering of the recycled backing, bitumen along with stabilizer, and a pre-coat that is then attached to the carpet tile. Generally carpet gives an impact sound reduction between 20 and 30 dB; however, this backing provides an additional +10 dB to the standard sound impact value. This backing is standard on over 150 colors and patterns with the ability to special order. Applications are for commercial and residential flooring.

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