The showrooming reality

Nearly one-third of furniture shoppers report they've visited a brick-and-mortar furniture store and then purchased product online. This is known as showrooming.
     That's according to more than 6,800 furniture shoppers answering an online survey in April from Furniture/Today and The questions were posted on the American Home Furnishings Alliance website,
     Sixty-five percent of consumers answering our survey have used their mobile devices in a store to shop for better prices online. One reason prices are often lower online is in most states Internet-only retailers are not required to collect a sales tax. This month the U.S. Senate approved the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would require large online retailers to collect taxes on Internet purchases; the bill now heads to the House for a vote.
     In a recent survey by AlixPartners, almost 30% of online shoppers said they would shop more brick-and-mortar retailers if the online tax became a reality; but nearly 50% said the tax would have no affect on their online shopping habits.

29% of consumers have visited a furniture store and then bought online.

Showrooming by generation

28% of Millennials

(ages 18-32)

32% of Generation Xers

(ages 33-48)

31% of Younger Boomers

(ages 49-57)

26% of Older Boomers

(ages 58-67)

16% of Seniors

(ages 68 and over)

Source: Furniture/Today and Consumer Survey, April 2013

125.9 million people own a smartphone, or 40% of the total U.S. population. Source: comScore
Ways consumers use smartphones in furniture stores
Ways consumers
Millennials are more likely to mobile price shop while in a furniture store.

Boomers lead in mobile searches for product information.

Source: Furniture/Today and Consumer Survey, April 2013
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