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Morris, Furniture Training team for online courses

NORTH LOGAN, Utah - Gerry Morris has spent decades teaching retail salespeople about the art of selling mattresses.
Gerry Morris, Inner SpringGerry Morris, Inner Spring

     Now he is bringing his art to a wider audience through a strategic partnership with The Furniture Training Co. here, a provider of online sales training courses.
     Morris, CEO of Inner Spring, his Greenville, Texasbased training company, has teamed up with FTC to offer an online training course titled "Sell More Mattresses with Gerry Morris."
     "I'm out to change how mattresses are bought and sold by helping one retail sales associate at a time help one shopper at a time improve his or her life by choosing to invest in a top quality, comfortable mattress," he said.
     The course consists of 10 interactive multimedia training sessions that cover a variety of topics, ranging from "Why mattress customers are buyers, not lookers" and "Selling sleep without putting your customers to sleep" to "The one essential tool for selling top quality expensive mattresses."
     Morris said his new course is applicable for retailers selling any brand of mattresses and is compatible with any training programs offered by manufacturers and retailers.
   The classes offer advanced sales training for salespeople working in mattress stores, furniture stores, department stores, discount centers and other types of mattress retail outlets, and can serve as a useful tool for even veteran sales associates, he said.
     "Today's empowered mattress shoppers are armed with knowledge and they are on a mission to find value," Morris said. "They don't give second chances. Retail sales associates must be up to the task or today's savvy shoppers will take their business elsewhere."
      Mark Lacy, president of The Furniture Training Co., said Morris has valuable teachings to impart.
   "For over 20 years, Gerry Morris, the ‘Mattress Guru,' has been writing articles and books and teaching salespeople how to assist their customers to buy the best mattresses they can afford," Lacy said.
     Morris narrates his lessons in what the company calls his "laid-back and engaging style."
     Each lesson has a printed in-store learning activity and mastery test to help salespeople apply the skills and techniques they learn. Retail owners and managers can track sales associates' progress. Certificates of achievement are awarded as the course is completed. Subscriptions to the course provide full access to all of the course lessons, tests and activity worksheets for 90 days, the company said.
     Retailers can subscribe their sales associates to Morris' course, or can add the course to their regular FTC online furniture training subscriptions for a small premium, the company said.
      The course is hosted on FTC's furniture training website, www.furnituretrainingcompany.com.
     Morris said the online classes take from 15 to 20 minutes each, and said sales associates should be able to find time between customer meetings or on quiet days to take the classes in their stores.
    Lacy said sales associates give his company's training courses high marks, with 98% saying the training was easy, and 97% saying they enjoy learning in this way. And 94% say they have used the techniques to increase their sales.
   Morris, who became a mattress manufacturer's sales representative in 1988, is the author of two books on mattress training, "Spring Training" and "Sell More Beds Guaranteed."

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