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Just the Stats: RTA

The Just the Stats series gathers in one place data Furniture/Today's Market Research team has compiled on specific product categories; in this case, ready-to-assemble furniture. Drawn from special research reports published throughout the year, the data points spotlight what's going on with the category.

RTA in furniture stores

  • Accounted for <1% of furniture store sales in 2008.
  • Accounted for <1% of selling space in furniture stores in 2008.
  • Median SKUs, 10 and median number of lines, 1.
Source:  Furniture/Today's Furniture Store Performance Report: Merchandise Mix, 2009

Consumers and RTA
  • 86% of responding consumers have purchased RTA.
  • Desks, other home office furniture and entertainment furniture are the top three RTA products purchased.
  • "It was less expensive," is the No. 1 reason for buying RTA, cited by 61% of responding RTA buyers.
  • 82% of RTA buyers were satisfied with their purchase.
  • "It wasn't sturdy," was the reason cited most often for those not satisfied with their RTA product.
  • Nine out of 10 consumers in each of the age groups "less than 25 years", "25 to 34" and "35 to 44" have purchased RTA furniture. 
  • Eight out of 10 consumers in each income category have purchased RTA furniture.
Source:  Furniture/Today and HGTV Consumer Views Survey, 2009

To purchase a full copy of the special report referenced above, click on the link below.
Furniture Today's Furniture Store Performance Report, Merchandise Mix, September 14, 2009

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