Article erred in naming Whalen as part of federal order

An article posted online May 8 incorrectly said that Whalen Furniture was named as part of a federal order prohibiting the unlicensed importation or sale of electric fireplace units and components protected by copyrights obtained by Twin-Star International.

Whalen was not named in the order. It was listed in a Federal Register announcement that identified it as a respondent to an original International Trade Commission investigation into the sale of such units and their components into the U.S. market.

In June of 2012, Whalen reached a settlement with Twin-Star on the matter, the terms of which are confidential, according to an attorney representing Whalen. Also, only importers of record from Shenzhen Reliap Industrial, the manufacturer identified in the story, are required to post a bond for the imported goods in question until the order receives final approval. Whalen has not imported anything from Reliap since early 2012 and Reliap has since gone out of business, the attorney said.

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