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Educational seminars set for Las Vegas Market

LAS VEGAS — Educational seminars at the Las Vegas Market will give buyers a chance to soak up an array of ideas, advice and information about the home furnishings business.

Here's a rundown of the dates, times and locations. All seminars are free to marketgoers.

Daily, Monday-Thursday, Jan. 28-31
8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Retailer Resource Center's The Social Spot. Learn all the tips and tricks of managing social media for your business. Professionals are available to answer your questions and walk you through this ever-changing medium. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

Monday, Jan. 28

8-10 a.m.
First Time Buyer's Orientation
Sponsored by International Market Centers. Take advantage of this special orientation, designed to help you maximize your buying time and inform you about the many resources, destinations, seminars and events that Las Vegas Market has to offer. C-352

9-10 a.m.
Multiple Generations = Many Opportunities.
Presented by Next Generation-Now. Sponsored by Western Home Furnishings Assn. and the Retailer Resource Center. With so many generations in the industry today and many retailers working together with family members, how do they find the balance needed to learn from each other, be open to a different perspective and ultimately grow their business? Facilitated by Alex Macias of Del Sol Furniture, panelists Michael and Butch Faber of Royal Furniture and Trey, Jonathan and Ivan Smith of Ivan Smith Furniture will be on hand to candidly share their challenges and successes when working in a multi-generational family business. Listen to how they keep their relationships strong while pushing the envelope to stay agile and relevant in today's changing marketplace. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

10-11 a.m.
First Look
Presented by HGTV's Monica Pederson and home trends editor Julie Smith Vincenti. Sponsored by IMC. Pederson and Vincenti offer a tantalizing overview of winter 2013's best new products. The duo will reveal the newest looks in bedroom and accent furniture, upholstery, floor covering, home décor and more in a highly visual presentation. The companion products guide will help attendees find the latest trends at market. Plus, First Look is now on Pinterest. Visit Las Vegas Market's Pinterest account at 0.1 CEU. World Forum, Building B, 16th floor

10:30 a.m.
The Seven Deadly Sins of Salespeople
Presented by Philip Gutsell of Gutsell & Associates. Sponsored by the WHFA and the Retailer Resource Center. Gutsell identifies and exposes the seven deadly sins of retail salespeople. These deadly sins cause more customers to leave without buying. Find out what is holding your salespeople from consistent peak performance. This must attend seminar diagnoses the everyday sins and then gives you the prognosis for retail selling health. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Visual Storytelling: Modern Social Media for Brands in the Home Space
Presented by Crystalyn Stuart. Sponsored by IMC. This 40-minute session will focus on modern storytelling and the importance of developing unique multimedia content to share your brand story online. Data, proof-points and best-in -class examples will cover social mediums, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. This session is a hands-on tutorial with self-assessments for attendees to evaluate and improve their brands' social portfolios. You will come away with an understanding of what you need to do with your social portfolio in 2013. 0.1 CEU. C-176, A-130

12:30-1:30 p.m.
Proven Mobile Marketing Success
Presented by Crystal Vilkaitis of Crystal Media. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. In this session, Vilkaitis will discuss how retailers effectively use mobile marketing tools like QR codes, location-based services, apps and SMS/MMS marketing to increase sales and, most importantly, how you easily can too. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

1-2 p.m.
Fun and Effective Store Marketing Techniques for Retailers
Presented by Jan Boydstun. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. Learn fun and valuable marketing techniques to implement in your store today from storeowner and expert retail marketer Boydstun. She shares her proven, tried and true marketing tips - and even a few tried-and-failed examples to save you priceless effort and resource. Her fresh, fun and cost-effective ideas will help drive customers to your store and maximize sales. Following the seminar, attendees can enter for a chance to win some prizes. C-352

2-3 p.m.
What Were You Thinking?
Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. Presented by Brad Huisken, WHFA. Huisken will lead participants through a fun, motivational and educational seminar on how to effectively manage your people to increase productivity. Unlock the mystery of why some companies are fun and productive places to work and others are not. In today's retail environment the only thing that separates one company from the competition are its people. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2-3 p.m.
From the Runway: How Fashion Influences Home Décor
Presented by designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. Boyd will reveal insights on how fashion influences interior design. Join her as she focuses on how creative expressions on the runway are interpreted into product and room design. Followed by a meet and greet in the LMS Design Showroom. 0.1 CEU. A-130, C-176

3-4 p.m.
Pinterest para Negocios
Presented by Moises Kirsch. Sponsored by IMC. Kirsch discusses the basics about Pinterest and how it can help you to tell your story, be used to build a brand and a community, generate traffic and grow your business. The presentation will be provided in Spanish. World Forum, Building B, 16th floor

3-4 p.m.
Specialty Retail in a "Fan," "Like," "Follow" World
Presented by Kimberly Warren Baker. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. Compiled from a survey of Museums & More's retail buyer audience, Baker will reveal some of the tricks of successful social media marketing campaigns used in actual gift shops. She'll take a look at what worked - and what didn't - and how retailers are using social media to increase traffic in their stores while building a loyal customer base. C-352

3:30-4:30 p.m.
Maximize Profit and Sales
Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. This seminar will give you real time, real life examples from the hundreds of furniture stores that John Egger and Profitability Consulting Group have helped to improve their net income. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

4-5 p.m.
What's in Your Mattress? Product Transparency Leads to Bedding Sales
Presented by interior designer Sarah Barnard. Sponsor Specialty Sleep Assn. presents "eco-chic" interior designer Barnard, who will moderate a panel discussion and audience Q&A on the topic of growing sales with consumer disclosure labeling in the specialty sleep marketplace. Panelists will include Chris Chamberlain, co-founder of The Clean Bedroom, an organic bedding retailer; Barry Cik, founder of Naturepedic, an organic bedding manufacturer with an active product labeling program; and a "typical" conscientious consumer who places a high value on transparent communications when deciding which products to purchase for her home. A social event sponsored by Ergo Bedroom will follow. For more information, contact C-176

4-5 p.m.
Designing Smart, Small Spaces
Presented by Susan Wiggins, Trevor Kruse and Denise Ashmore. Sponsored by Las Vegas Design Center. Small living spaces present special challenges - how do you maximize the functionality of a small room or condo, while still creating a living space that is visually appealing? A panel discussion will focus on small space solutions, with award-winning members of Interior Designers of Canada telling how they have achieved results for their residential clients. 0.1 CEU. C-176

Tuesday, Jan. 29

9:30-10:30 a.m.
Fantasies and Realities Impacting Color Choices for the Future
Presented by Laurie Pressman. Sponsored by IMC. In order to create the magic in the market place, colors will need to coax and cajole, sooth or astonish, renew and replenish. At the same time, with the need for practicality continuing, it is critical to know which colors will have staying power. Join Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, as she reveals the skillfully balanced color palettes that will be key to enticing the consumer or client, plus get an inside view into the selection of Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year. 0.1 CEU. C-176

10-11 a.m.
First Time Buyers Orientation. Sponsored by IMC. This orientation is designed to help you maximize your buying time and inform you about the many resources, destinations, seminars and events that Las Vegas Market has to offer. C-352

10-11 a.m.
Proven Mobile Marketing Success
Presented by Crystal Vilkaitis, Crystal Media. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. When it comes to social media and mobile marketing, Vilkaitis is known for her energy, passion and knowledge. A self-proclaimed "tech dork," she explains these dynamic and sometimes daunting topics in a way that is easy to understand. You'll learn how retailers effectively use mobile marketing tools like QR codes, location-based services, apps and SMS/MMS marketing to increase sales and, most importantly, how you easily can too. Building C, but a room location was not given; we'll update this list as we find out more.

10:30-11:30 a.m.
Prepare Your Website for Smartphone Users
Presented by Ron Gordon, MicroD. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. There are currently more than 280 million smartphones in the Americas. This presentation shares the most important factors that will make your website attractive and highly useful when accessed from a smartphone. Come away with real life examples and best practices that will attract smartphone users and keep them coming back to your website. Know how to best design your site for this important and growing market share. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

11 a.m.-noon
Thom Filicia, SFC DesigninGreen Leader, Discusses "American Beauty"
Sponsored by Las Vegas Design Center. Join Filicia as he discusses his new book, "American Beauty," with SFC Executive Director Susan Inglis. The conversation will cover the influence of best practices for sustainability on his work and for the future of our industry. See illustrations from the book of the difference it makes to choose U.S. manufacture, reclaimed materials, etc., and ask questions. Followed by a book signing and lunch in the Safavieh showroom, A101. 0.1 CEU Pending. C-176

11 a.m.-noon
50 Fresh & Fascinating Display Ideas
Presented by Becky Tyre, Gift Shop Magazine. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. Receive visual merchandising inspiration from the pros. Join Tyre as she takes you on a photo tour of showroom displays from the Las Vegas Market and analyzes the components, attributes, alternative uses and implementation to achieve similar results back at your store. Attendees leave the session with a list of showrooms featured so they can visit and see the displays in person. Tyre is a retail display consultant, owner of The Retail Details visual merchandising blog and the trends editor for Gift Shop Magazine with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. She shares her skills and strategies for inventive and effective visual merchandising, with a focus on budget-friendly and easy-to-implement display ideas. C-352

Noon-1 p.m.
Welcome to Las Vegas Seminar and Reception
Presented by Monica Pederson. Meet HGTV's Pederson, an interior designer, lifestyle expert and author of "Make It Beautiful," for a presentation on her book and a few home decorating and entertaining tips. IDS will honor Pederson with an award for her interior design lifestyle achievements. Followed by a Q&A and book signing. World Forum, Building B, 16th floor

12:30-1:30 p.m.
Break-Even Sales Workshop
Presented by Wayne and Dave McMahon, Profitsystems. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. Can you accurately figure your break even sales? Do you know what actions to take to improve your profits and cash flow through breakeven analysis? Would you like to know what sales level you need to target to achieve your desired level of net income? If you wish to know the answers to these questions, this workshop is for you. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2-3 p.m.
4 Ways to Grow Your Business Now
Presented by Doug Knorr. Sponsored by WFHA and Retailer Resource Center. Today, retailers are at a crossroads. Where should I invest my advertising? What do I do with social media, and which ones are important? With this economy how do I grow my business? In this fast-paced seminar, Knorr, president of Knorr Marketing, will present the four major things you can do to increase sales now. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

3-4 p.m.
Dwell Studio and Robert Allen Present Outdoor Living Design Trends
Presented by Christiane Lemieux, founder and creative director of Dwell Studio. Sponsored by IMC. Lemieux will present design trends on outdoor living, and walk through the design process of creating Dwell Studio's first all outdoor collection. Reception to follow at the Robert Allen | Beacon Hill showroom. 0.1 CEU. C-176

3-4 p.m.
Rugs 101: What Everybody Ought to Know About Modern Day Rugs
Presented by Cyrus Loloi. Rugs 101 provides basic knowledge on modern rugs, helping you become a savvier and more effective rug buyer (and seller). Attendees will specifically learn about construction types, fiber types, tips and tricks for selecting sizes and proper cleaning methods. Loloi will also discuss upcoming trends and distribute a Rugs 101 booklet to attendees. World Forum, Building B, 16th floor

3:30-4:30 p.m.
Selling Interior Design
Presented by Jody Seivert, Profitable Partnership. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. Design business is up and retail furniture business is down. Come and see how to increase your current design service or get started in this lucrative value-added service. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

4-5 p.m.
Special Houzz Report: What Clients Want
Presented by Liza Hausman, Houzz. Sponsored by Houzz and IMC. Get a sneak preview of yet-to-be-released new research from January 2013 into the mind of your clients and prospective clients. Hausman, vice president of community for Houzz, will share the results of a massive study on what consumers want, how much they are willing to spend, the demographics for consumers who are ready to hire a designer and top design trends among homeowners in the Houzz community. Hausman will also share success stories and best practices from designers in the Houzz community. C-176

Wednesday, Jan. 30
9-10 a.m.
Mattress Sales Training: Preparing for Today's Empowered Shoppers
Presented by Gerry Morris, Inner Spring. Sponsored by Retailer Resource Center and WHFA. Today's mattress shopper is armed with knowledge and is seeking value. She is no longer relying upon what companies and brands say about themselves. Consumers are seeking advice of what and where to buy from their social networks. Word-of-mouth now travels at light speed. Retail sales associates must be up to the task. Morris will teach you up-to-date training methods for sales associates to help make sure shoppers buy from you and share positive experiences with their friends. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

9-10 a.m.
Fast Forward: A Future-View of Interior Trends
Presented by Greg Dunlop. Sponsored by IMC. Dunlop, IIDA, ASID Global Commercial Director of WGSN-Homebuildlife, will focus on key trends forecasted for the interiors industry. These macro trends are influenced by consumer insights and creative intelligence from the interior, fashion, and consumer product markets. Attendees will learn about the three key macro trends for the 2014 season. These macro trends will be followed by a review of color and material forecasts for 2014, and the learning opportunity will focus on how these trends will influence style and decor for home furnishings products ranging from furniture, textiles, materials, tabletop and decorative accessories. World Forum, Building B, 16th floor

10 a.m.-noon
A Soulful Journey
Presented by Tracy Porter. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. Join Porter as she takes you through her 20-year inspiring and soulful journey as an artist, entrepreneur, author and designer. Porter will share her humble beginnings of starting her business in Wisconsin, to becoming a bestselling designer and founder of the fabulous home décor company Poetic Wanderlust. She continues to inspire women from coast to coast with her colorful eclectic style and encouraging spirit. Following the seminar, join Porter for a meet and greet in the Home Style showroom. C-696

10:30-11:30 a.m.
Anatomy of a Salesperson
Presented by Joe Milevsky, JRM Sales & Management. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. What makes one salesperson succeed while others fail? What is the magic profile for a strong furniture salesperson? Where do I find my best candidates? Give me a beautiful store with a terrible sales team, and I will most likely fail. Give me an ugly store with a great sales team, and I will probably succeed. I may want both, but which is the most critical? Milevsky addresses these questions. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Design Icon Alexa Hampton
Sponsored by Las Vegas Design Center. Internationally renowned interior designer Hampton is the 2013 Design Icon award recipient. The Design Icon award celebrates modern day design legends, and gives them a platform to share their stories and inspirations. Hampton joins past Design Icons including Juan Montoya, Vicente Wolf, Roger Thomas, Vladimir Kagan, Larry Laslo, Christopher Harrison and Jamie Drake. She'll describe her journey from an interior design student to author, mother, product designer, visionary and president of one of the most prestigious American interior design firms, Mark Hampton LLC. A meet and greet and book signing will follow the presentation. 0.1 CEU. C-176

12:30-1:30 p.m.
How Delivery Follow Ups Increase Business
Presented by Kevin Truett, Speedy Delivery LLC. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. This seminar dives into the importance of the "post delivery survey" or customer follow-ups after delivery. A strong follow-up system can divert potential issues, provide valuable data pertinent to employee incentive programs and strengthen customer loyalty. Don't miss any of the great opportunities that come with a simple follow up. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2-3 p.m.
Advertise Big. Use Your Trucks
Presented by Joe Lapekas and Jordan White, TruckSkin. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. When most retailers load their trucks for home deliveries, they make sure that they maximize the use of truck interior space so they don't waste fuel, time and man hours. Yet many retailers waste money by not effectively using blank space on their trucks, cars and vans. So why not get the attention of everyone around you, just by driving around or parking creatively? Think of your vehicles as blank canvases you can use to grab the attention of your customers. Don't assume that potential customers will find your advertisements; take your message directly to them so they can't miss it. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2-3 p.m.
Going Undercover, and What I Learned
Presented by Harlan Kent , CEO of Yankee Candle. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. Kent will share experiences and insight from going undercover on the Emmy-winning TV show "Undercover Boss." Yankee Candle, with retail sales over $1 billion, and representation in 40,000 stores worldwide, is a fast growing and dynamic company with 6,000 employees. Kent will share the profound insights he learned from seeing his company from a very different perspective as a front line worker in the company's stores and manufacturing facility. The key message is how to ask the right questions to unlock the power, and most importantly, the passion of your employees. The key ingredients for a successful business are brand, customer service, talented employees and above all positive attitudes. Kent's lessons are applicable to all businesses of all sizes. C-352

3:30-4:30 p.m.
Merchandising to Show Your Customers How to Use Your Product
Presented by Bob Moorman, JRM Sales & Management. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. Do your in-store presentations invoke a customer's emotional reaction? How should your merchandise lineups be structured? What message should be at your front entrance? How are you merchandising your floor; what's new? How should you use lifestyle graphics? How do you develop merchandising themes that yield category dominance? Merchandising must enhance the customer experience and create environments that make customers want to buy. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

Thursday, Jan. 31 and Friday, Feb. 1

8-11 a.m. Thursday, 8 a.m.-noon Friday
Gift & Home CEO Summit
Presented by Jon Huntsman, former ambassador to China; Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor; Claire Shipman, bestselling author and senior contributor for ABC News; and Jim Grien, president of TM Capital. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. Owners, CEOs and presidents of gift and home decor manufacturing companies shouldn't miss this exclusive opportunity to attend the inaugural Gift & Home CEO Summit. International Market Centers and Eller Enterprises present this first-of-its-kind conference, designed to address and provide insight into the critical issues facing industry leaders today. Topics discussed will include the global economy, effects of the China economy and Euro crisis, mergers and sales of companies, preparing your company for sale/exit strategies, building corporate culture and acquisition strategies. Building B, Worldview on Sixteen

Thursday, Jan. 31
9-10 a.m.
Furniture and Mattress Stores: How to Sell More with an Effective Web Presence
Presented by Jennie Gilbert, Retailer Web Services. Sponsored by WHFA. More than 88% of U.S. consumers will research their purchases online this year. Some will complete their shopping on the Web and many more will continue their experience by calling or visiting a local retailer based on their online research. Whether your store is new to online marketing, or you have had a site for years, this session will help you evaluate and fulfill the four critical requirements of all successful retail Web presences and investigate all the latest related developments like mobile, social networking, apps, QR codes and tablets. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

9-10 a.m.
Supercharge Your Email Marketing Campaign for Maximum Sales Impact
Presented by Patricia Norins, Gift Shop Magazine. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. Norins will share powerful email strategies to drive help you drive more traffic and sales to your website and store. In this fast-paced session, you will learn the secrets to building a robust email list, discover how one retailer collected more than 1 million email addresses in only three months, determine best practices for how often to email your customers, how to design your email to improve click through rates and sales, and much more. C-352

10:30-11:30 a.m.
In Store Technology for Tomorrow... Not Today
Presented by Kyle Doran, R&A Marketing. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. Your customer experience starts online and the final customer experience is your physical storefront. Making sure that your online experience is a seamless transition to your physical experience is important in converting sales today. Explore ways to enhance your in-store environment through technology and marketing that will help deliver sales for today and tomorrow. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

11 a.m.-noon
Best Practices for Marketing and Analytics and ROI from 21st Century Decision Management Systems
Presented by Mauricio Prado, vice president of education outreach and chief information officer, Las Vegas Institute of Technology; Chris Papesh, president, Las Vegas Institute of Technology; and David Leibner, founder and CEO of Social Office Suite. Sponsored by IMC. These tech professionals will discuss best practices in social media management and analytics, and provide an overview of the best technologies, database and PA software tools available to furniture manufacturers, retailers and small business owners. Learn how to use these tools to make effective decisions in marketing and supply-chain and manufacturing operations. C-176

12:30-1:30 p.m.
What to Do About "I'm Just Looking" Customers
Presented by Mike Petersen, The Furniture Training Co. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. Are your salespeople tired of hearing people say, "I'm just looking?" Do your salespeople struggle to turn "I'm just looking" customers into buyers? If you answered yes then you have a real problem. Research shows that 80% of all shoppers say, "I'm just looking." Petersen will explain why customers say it, and how to respond so you can sell to them. Attendees will receive a free Salesperson Inventory for evaluating each member of your sales staff. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

1-2 p.m.
New Customer Service Expectations in 2013: Seven Business Multipliers that You Need to Know
Presented by Anne Obarksi. Sponsored by Gift+Home and IMC. In this session on the "X" factor to focus on to multiply repeat and referral business, discover how to multiply your brand through "xcellent" impressions. Learn how many your customer rates you on. Uncover the "xcellent" connections you must maintain to multiply the strongest customer relationships. Decide what three "xcellent" sales techniques your staff must master to see sales really multiply. Realize the most important "xpectation" your customers may secretly want but never tell you. C-352

2-3 p.m.
Every Army Needs a General
Presented by Michael Jensen, High Impact Furniture Sales. Sponsored by WHFA and Retailer Resource Center. Did you know that the majority of furniture stores either do not have a sales manager or are using their sales manager ineffectively? This session will discuss role of a sales manager and how the sales manager can increase sales and energize their sales team. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

Friday, Feb. 1
9-10 a.m.
Design Kerapy: Designing Interiors in Today's Economy
Presented by Kerry Howard. Sponsored by IMC. Atlanta-based interior designer Howard gives a step-by-step guide on designing timeless interiors by equipping you with the tools to navigate through a successful design. From wall colors and accessories to furniture and lighting, Howard is sure to educate and entertain. He was featured on the Bravo TV in 2010 on "Top Design" and most recently HGTV's "Design Wars." He owns the residential design firm KMH Interiors. 0.1 CEU. C-176

11 a.m.-noon
Introducing Fandeck: Change the Way You Design
Presented by Josh Hong, founder of Fandeck. Sponsored by IMC. Fandeck is a new, powerful tool for designers, manufacturers and retailers. Learn how Fandeck streamlines the design process by providing access to your design library and mood boards anytime, from anywhere. Fandeck can be a 24-hour virtual assistant and an essential designer's tool. Following the seminar, attendees can enter for a chance to win one of two yearlong Fandeck memberships, providing free advertising for your interior design business and many of the Fandeck tools and features. C-176


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