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Aggressive World Imports introducing 88 new groups

AT THE MARKET— World Imports Ltd., a global supplier of case good and upholstery, is giving retailers here a first look at an aggressive launch that includes 35 new upholstery groups, 28 new dinettes, 15 new bedroom suites and 10 new dining sets.

And if that, on top of its move earlier this year to acquire the North American assets of case goods and upholstery resource Hamilton Spill, were not enough, retailers participating in the company's fundraiser for the breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure also have a chance to win a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Speaking in the company's newly expanded showroom in the National Furniture Mart, spaces 402, 403, 501 and 502, vice president Jeff Wallner explained that two women on the company's executive team had survived breast cancer.
"Our president, Marc Luber, realized that October was breast cancer awareness month and said, ‘We need to dedicate space in our showroom and fully support this cause,'" Wallner said.

The result is a sparkling black-and-white Harley Davidson motorcycle in the entranceway of the showroom here, set off by hot pink wall. There also are a number of oversized lettered dice on the floor near the bike. Any dealer donating $100 or more gets to roll the dice and if the dice spell the word "world," he or she wins the motorcycle.

Multiple bikes can be won and at the end of the market, World Imports will match the total of the retailers' donations. Retailers donating $25 get to sign the pink wall.

Wallner said the aggressive product launch - 80% of the goods in the showroom are new - reflects the company's steadily spiking business.

"We've earned a reputation for being fair, honest and for great value," he said. "That, coupled with the recent demise of a competitor, has really had us working all out to meet customer demand."

To facilitate that demand, the company has recently acquired a 165,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center in Bridgeview, Ill., which Wallner describes as "a state-of-the-art high-cube facility with 20 doors to unload incoming trucks."

As a way to ensure continued speedy delivery to the East Coast, the company also is looking for additional space to complement the 100,000 square feet it has in warehouse space in Walls, Miss.

Ray AllegrezzaRay Allegrezza | Editor in Chief, Furniture Today

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