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Selling Sleep: Sleep Aids

What contributes to a good night's sleep?
Selling Sleep Sleep Aids

While these findings might seem obvious, they aren't. That's because there is a significant gap between the actions consumers take to help them sleep, and the actions they think would be helpful. This is the Better Sleep Gap. Perhaps it is better called the Poor Sleep Gap.

For example, almost six out of 10 consumers strongly agree that a comfortable mattress can help them get a good night of sleep. But just over four out of 10 consumers say they a comfortable mattress is part of their better sleep routine.

Similarly, while more than half of consumers strongly agree that comfortable bedding can help them get a good night's sleep, fewer than half (42%) are using comfortable bedding to help them in their better sleep routine.

What is going on here? It's simple. Consumers strongly believe that comfortable mattresses and bedding can help improve their sleep, but they aren't taking those steps.Applying the findings

Education is the key to closing the Poor Sleep Gap. Consumers already know that comfortable pillows, mattresses and bedding can help them sleep better. It's up to mattress retailers to remind them of those realities.

"Comfortable" is a good word to use in mattress advertising. Who doesn't want to be comfortable at night? For various reasons, some consumers are foregoing that comfort. Retailers can connect with consumers by advertising their nice selection of comfortable mattresses, pillows and bedding.

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