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Industry: Recycling bill looks balanced

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Mattress industry leaders are applauding the introduction here of a bill that its sponsor says would promote mattress recycling in California in a prudent and balanced manner.
     Sen. Lou Correa, a Democrat from Santa Ana, introduced the legislation, SB 245.
     "I am pleased SB 245 balances landfill pressures and environmental and industry concerns," Correa said. "My legislation will incentivize Californians to recycle used mattresses, easing the burden on our landfills and communities, while retaining valuable employers and creating new jobs and business opportunities. I am confident this proposal will create a win-win solution for industry, environmentalists and California consumers."
     Details of the recycling proposal are still being worked out.
     Officials at the International Sleep Products Assn. said the bill represents a positive approach to the recycling issue in California. ISPA favors a national solution on the issue but believes that a state approach in California would be beneficial to the industry.
     Correa said the California bill would establish a program for the management of used mattresses that would create an economical and practical system for recycling used mattresses, reduce the impact of illegally dumped mattresses, harness existing infrastructure for transporting used mattresses to recyclers, and minimize costs to both government and consumers.
     "The legislative language to implement these goals is still being drafted, and ISPA is working with Senator Correa on this process," said ISPA President Ryan Trainer. "However, when finalized, it is our hope that the bill will create a nonprofit mattress recycling organization that will plan, implement and administer a system to collect discarded used mattresses, dismantle them, recycle their materials for use in new products, and propose solutions to the problem of illegally dumped mattresses."
     Shelly Sullivan, a spokesperson for Californians for Mattress Recycling, a group that says it represents stakeholders in support of efficient and practical mattress recycling, welcomed news of the bill's introduction. The group has posted information on the issue online at www.ca4mattressrecycling. org.

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