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Bedding intros at High Point Market



See the bedding product introductions planned for the Spring 2012 High Point Market. Key trends include gel, which is offered in several new bedding lines that tout cooler sleep. Latex bedding is featured in the comfort and support layers of several new lines. Also, sleep accessories remain on the ascent, with new toppers, pillows and mattress protectors joining the product mix.

IHFC M-633
     A NEW series makes its High Point debut. It features the company's Activus Foam and uses a unique construction with up to six anatomically designed layers providing a sleep surface that hugs the body and reduces pressure on the joints. The layers are resilient, allowing for the surface to recover quickly. Retails start at $2,499 in queen.
     Company is also showing its Bed Bug Defense Shield, a patent-pending mat designed to protect mattresses, furniture and travel accessories from bed bug infestations. The mat is flexible and disposable and can be placed under any mattress and inside suitcases. The Bed Bug Defense Shield is free of toxic sprays and powders that are found in many other solutions. The mat attacks bed bugs when they crawl through the mat keeping them from spreading or reproducing within sleep environments.

     Introducing the G mattress line, which incorporates American-made Cool Breeze gel memory foam. The mattresses utilize a specially formulated gel memory foam layer that is designed to feel completely different from competing gel foams, and are designed for enhanced comfort. Beds also offer coolness, and zoned support at critical pressure point areas.
     Also introducing Fresh Touch series of mattresses, which in addition to the Cool Breeze gel memory foam layers, offers additional layers of all-natural latex for an industry first in mattress feel and support. The all-natural latex complements the conformity of the gel memory foam by providing support and pressure relief along the sleeper's full profile. The result is a mattress that creates a near weightless sleep sensation, the company says.

IHFC M-615
     PostureCloud Collection features a ventilated Cool Gel foam layer. The gel-infused memory foam aids in the dispersion of body heat, which creates a cooler sleep surface while retaining the conforming and pressure-relieving properties of traditional memory foam, the company says. It is available in profiles of nine, 11 and 13 inches.
     Also adding Alpine and Spirit Cool Gel Pillows to its pillow collection. Memory foam surrounds a layer of Cool Gel material in the pillows, giving the consumer proper support and a cooling sensation.

     Introducing PureGel collection featuring gelinfused and AirTech memory foams and pressuredispersing gel spheres. Retails range from $599 to $999 for the line, which delivers a cooler night's sleep, the company says.
     Also introducing a new top-of-bed marketing package designed to assist retail sales associates in closing more profitable sales.

IHFC M-613
     New PureCare Plush Pillow line features natural Talalay latex pillows, temperature neutral memory foam pillows in different shapes and comfort levels, and down pillows in an Ultra-Fresh anti-bacterial cleansing treatment. Sealed inner linings prevent dust mites and allergens from gaining access inside the pillow. Also offered is a specialty category, featuring a specialty body pillow called Cuddle Me.
     All pillows in the PureCare Plush line feature Fabrictech's premium antibacterial silver protection. All of the pillows also feature MiteTight Sealed seams and locking, bed bug proof zippers. Additionally the pillow line comes with a five-year warranty.
     Each of the four pillow categories features warm and bright pastel-colored packaging and displays designed to attract the consumer and make it easy for her to select the ideal pillow. Pillows are marketed with catchy and fun slogans that engage the consumer and make the pillows accessible and identifiable, the company says.

IHFC M-530
     Producer has improved its True Luxury Collection with the introduction of a 744-individually wrapped coil system. Beds are foam encased. Line retains popular designer look with microsuede border and high-fashion looks. Retails range from $599 to $1,199.
     Introducing specialty foam Essential Elements Collection. It features a six-inch-high performance foam core designed to work in support of the comfort layers. Talalay latex layer provides comfort, support and pressure relief. Kool Comfort memory foam allows for optimal air flow. Retails range from $699 to $1,199.

IHFC M-413
     Showing new latex/memory foam hybrid beds, gel/memory foam beds and beds with eco-friendly foams. New pillow lineups are also being introduced, as is a new pillow and mattress protector program. A premium bed frame with nine legs is a one-size-fits-all model. New youth mattress features four new colors. Also new are some metal beds and a youth memory foam chair.

IHFC M-610
     Gold Bond is presenting two new models to its two-sided Sacro Support Encased Coil Line. A step up from the collection's popular Camelot, the Duchess and Baroness sets feature over 3,000 encased coils. The double box pillow top mattresses retail from $1,499 to $1,999.

IHFC M-508
     Expanding its adjustable base offerings with new technology. iCare 6 is a six-section base with exclusive body positions and night lights, retailing at $2,199. iCare 4 model with exclusive deck-ondeck construction and night lights retails at $1,699. iCare 3 offers a foot-lowering position and night lights and retails at $1,699. iCare 2 model, retailing at $1,299, has a six-legged frame and night lights.
     Company has added service centers to boost customer service and plans to open additional service centers this year.

IHFC M-531
     Celebrating its 129th anniversary with a gel bed offered in choice of Eurotop or tight-top, retailing at $599. The foam-encased innerspring beds feature super-soft foams topped by gel foam. They are paired with a high profile, heavy-duty sustainable wood foundation.
     Producer also is introducing new Gel Comfort toppers and pillows, a new Gel Comfort store-in-store concept and a number of special promotions.

IHFC C-603
     Consumer Products Group is introducing its Brisa Gel memory foam pillow, which combines the support of open-cell memory foam with the cooling comfort of gel, the company says.

IHFC D-843
     Showing new top-of-bed offerings and new point-of-purchase and Shop-in-Shop displays.
     Introducing Memoform Snooze, a high-profile line designed for U.S. consumers. It is available in eight-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch models, in three comfort levels. The beds have a quilted Outlast cover.

IHFC M-413
     Introducing what it says are the first luxury encased-coil certified organic mattresses. Retails range from $2,199 to $3,299. The beds are available in "soft" and "medium" firmness options, with coil counts ranging from 1,700 to 2,200 per bed. The mattresses are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard.

IHFC M-540
     Nature's Spa mattress line features all-natural materials and is designed for an ideal balance between comfort, support and pressure relief.

PS 1-519
     Introducing new Healthy Sleep Zone Solutions Kit with an Aller-Zip six-sided mattress encasement and a Premium Mattress Protector.

IHFC M-528
     Pure LatexBliss' Climate Control ActiveFusion makes its High Point debut. ActiveFusion will be available in all-latex mattresses and 3.0 Latex Hybrids. ActiveFusion utilizes phase-change material in both the fabric yarns and inside the Talalay Latex, which stores and releases energy on demand, helping two partners sleep at their optimal body temperatures. The ActiveFusion collection is the first in the industry to use climate control technology inside the mattress and outside on the top layers. The company infuses gel into the zippered cover's ticking. The collection is made from Natural Talalay Latex with a Bekaert gel fabric cover. Pricing ranges from $1,299 to $5,999 in queen.
     Pure LatexBliss will also show its fast and slow response Natural Talalay Latex hybrid collections. The series combines the luxury of natural Talalay latex with high density support core and 450 gram fabrics to create one of the most durable hybrids in the industry. Fast response mattresses are made with natural Talalay latex upholstery, while the slow response collection mimics high quality memory foam but is made from a special formulation of Talalay latex with ActiveFusion climate control technology. Retails range from $1,299 to $2,199.

IHFC M-408
     New ComfortCare collection features an enhanced Marvelous Middle with a reinforced quilt, along with Dream Beam Technology that has been expanded to the entire line. Retails range from $599 to $1,699.
     Introducing TempaGel, a gel-infused memory foam, in its ComfortCare Select line of encased coil beds, and in a HealthRest hybrid line.
     TempaGel Collection, retailing from $1,299 to $2,499, features TempaGel in the comfort layer and Outlast technology in the cover to help regulate body temperature.
     Company is also touting a new Marvelous Middle marketing campaign, which will be featured in a number of social media channels.

     Sealy is showcasing a new gel memory foam offering and a gel-enhanced innerspring line. The gel memory foam line, Sealy Posturepedic Optimum, delivers optimal temperature, comfort and support. It also features innovations like OptiCool gel memory foam fused with Outlast material, which the company says is 12 times more effective for removing excess heat than standard memory foam or other gel memory foams. In addition, the Sealy Posturepedic innerspring line of mattresses now includes a top layer of OptiCool gel memory foam at a competitive price point, Sealy said.
     Following its successful Facebook Bed Buddies initiative, Sealy will take marketgoers to an online T-shirt shop called the Sealy Schwag Shop, on its Facebook page. In keeping with the "Whatever You Do in Bed, Sealy Supports It" campaign, the T-shirts will celebrate some of life's amusing moments that occur in bed and will be available for purchase at

IHFC H-1141
     New iSeries of innerspring beds targets retail prices from $1,299 to $2,499. New series is offered in Perfect Day and Trump Home lines. It features the tag line: "Intelligent Comfort. Individual Support." It leverages the popularity of gel memory foam with a new Duet coil that features an individually wrapped coil inside another individually wrapped coil, a national exclusive for Serta. The coil features softer feels at the top and bottom of the coil, but becomes firmer as the unit compresses, the company says.
     The iSeries line comes in three designs: A specialty sleep look with zippered covers, retailing from $1,799 to $2,499; a smooth top design offered in firm and plush feels at $1,499, and a traditional, quilted design at $1,299 and $1,499.
     Serta also adds two new iComfort beds. A $3,999 pillowtop model, the Wellbeing Refined, is "unique in appearance, in construction and in comfort," the company says, while a new $2,499 model offers a firm feel.
Relaunching the iComfort pillow program and adding the iComfort FreeStyle Pillow and a king-sized iComfort Scrunch Pillow.

     Company will unveil a consumer-oriented contest that will use social media tools to educate consumers about Shifman's products and increase traffic to dealers' social media accounts, websites and stores. The company will also release the results of a comparative durability test showing the longevity of Shifman's products.

IHFC W-746
     New Beautyrest collection represents significant launches across the brand. The collection features a new sleep system with Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology, offering consumers personalized back support, airflow for a cool, more comfortable sleep, pressure point relief and superior conformability with freedom of movement. Retails range from $1,599 to $6,000.
     New ComforPedic collection offers five new models, ranging in price from $2,499 to $4,599. ComforPedic's advanced sleep system brings together the comfort and conformability of Air Cool Memory Foam and Independent Support Technology, which is designed to enhance support. Smooth knit covers, open cell formulation and breathable mesh border fabrics help consumers sleep at their ideal body temperature, while an edge system offers support and stability right to the edge, the company says.

IHFC M-413
     Exhibitors include Beaudoin, Bedding Technology Inds., Blu Sleep Products, Glideaway Sleep Products, Naturepedic and W. Silver Products.

IHFC M-410
     Featuring its Response G Series of gel beds with the benefits of temperature-neutral foam and latex, available in nine-inch, 11-inch and 13-inch profiles, retailing from $899 to $1,499. Company is also introducing its Symbol Deep Support System developed in partnership with one of its suppliers. Profiles range from 13 inches to 14 inches, at retail prices ranging from $499 to $799.

IHFC M-607
     Introducing EcoGel mattress line featuring "swirled" gel memory foam and a layer of soy-based foam. Retailing from $1,099 to $1,999, the line includes four models ranging from 8.25 inches to 14 inches in height. The line features an open-cell design of memory foam and uses a DynaFlow Cooling Fabric to let the beds sleep cooler than traditional foam models.
     Also showing redesigned Therawrap line, the company's first encased coil offering, which now features a comfort layer of gel-infused foam. New top model, Sophie, features a 2,000-coil mattress with a layer of micro-coils on top.
     New top bed in PureTouch latex line has a full eight inches of latex layers and retails at $2,999.

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