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David Perry

‘Sleep Doctor' Makes Store Calls

Retail Bedding Playbook

Sleep Doctor Michael BreusSleep Doctor Michael Breus, left, and R.C. Willey bedding buyer Brett Hiatt check out the Sleep Doctor line of beds at the Summerlin R.C. Willey store.
SUMMERLIN, Nev. - The doctor was in, offering prescriptions for better sleep.
     Dr. Michael Breus - The Sleep Doctor - makes house calls with his latex bedding line produced by International Bedding. And, it turns out, he also makes store calls.
     Breus conducted a better sleep clinic at the R.C. Willey store here recently, sharing sleep tips from his years of working with patients in his private practice and of keeping abreast of the latest research in the field.
     He addressed a roomful of consumers and retail sales associates, shattering some myths - "eight hours of sleep is not something you absolutely have to have" - and listing some surprising benefits of good sleep: Improved decision making, increased happiness and weight loss.
     Breus, who figures he's conducted approximately 700 sleep seminars over the years, enjoys the interaction with his audiences. His question about bedtime snacks at the R.C. Willey seminar prompted one consumer to share his odd snacks: Dill pickles and garlic-stuffed olives. Brushing your teeth after that combo is a good idea, Breus noted. He also shared his bedtime snack: A bowl of Lucky Charms.
    Retail Bedding Playbook He drew a contrast between "bad sleep," which he said often leads to bad health - depression, weight gain and poor skin, among other problems - and "good sleep," which increases happiness, reduces pain and promotes weight loss, among other good things.
     He also tackled common sleep issues, including the question of falling asleep while watching TV. "If TV helps you fall asleep," he said, "fall asleep to the TV." But, he said, set the timer on the TV beforehand so it will shut off after you fall asleep.
     Breus was at the R.C. Willey store here outside Las Vegas to help the retailer launch his Sleep Doctor line, which comes with an Internet-based house call program that gives consumers access to Breus and his sleep tips. The Sleep Doctor beds have now joined the product lineup in the retailer's bedding department, where Breus chatted with consumers after his sleep seminar. Jeff Child, president of R.C. Willey, appreciated the extra effort.
     "He's here in the bedding department working with customers to get a good night's sleep," said Child. "I'm impressed by that."
     Child said Breus' sleep seminar is one of the ways that R.C. Willey helps mattress shoppers.
     "It's important for our customers to be informed and to have the knowledge to get a good night's sleep," he said. "We want our customers to get the right bed and to be happy with their purchase - and to get a good night's sleep."

Retail Bedding Playbook is a regular feature about mattress retailers by David Perry, bedding editor. Ideas for future coverage can be shared with Dave at

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