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Wave of new lines lifts bedding

LAS VEGAS — In what bedding insiders called the largest rollout of major bedding lines in recent memory, the mattress industry introduced several flagship lines and other key products at the Las Vegas Market in January.

Not since the advent of fire-resistant bedding lines several years ago has the industry collectively brought so many new flagship lines to market at the same time, observers said. Technological advances, including new spring units, new types of memory foam, new high-performance fabrics and even new lighting systems were featured in several of the product offerings.

The breadth of new products and the aggressive marketing campaigns behind them suggest that the mattress category is well positioned in 2011 for another year of growth, bedding observers said.

Here's a look at some of the key new products:

New coil designs and handles debut

Sealy says it has taken support to a new level with its new flagship Posturepedic line, which features several new elements. The CoreSupport center of the mattress has enhanced support and is designed to resist body impressions. New titanium alloy springs, some offered in encased coil versions, offer conforming support on the surface and deepdown support underneath, Sealy says.

The line also features LiftRight Surround Handles, fabric handles that stretch around most of the mattress, giving consumers plenty of ways to lift and adjust the mattress. And the StayTight foundation features a rubberized gripper fabric that holds the mattress in place and keeps the sheets and bed skirt where they belong, according to Sealy.

New Pocketed Coil featured

Simmons introduced its Smart Response Pocketed Coil, which features a dual-action design that functions like two coils working in a series to provide new levels of motion separation, comfort, conformability and individualized back support, the producer says.

That new coil was introduced in two bedding lines, the Beautyrest NxG line, which features the company's NxG memory foam, and the Beautyrest Elite line, two of four new lines introduced by Simmons as the company renews its focus on innovation, according to CEO Gary Fazio.

Gel memory foam in iComfort line

Serta introduced two new product lines, including a flagship Perfect Sleeper line that was designed with input from the National Sleep Foundation and comes with a better sleep guide produced by the NSF. The line is designed to eliminate common sleep problems.

The producer also made a major move in the specialty sleep arena with its debut of the iComfort line of gel memory foam beds. Serta says it is the first memory foam infused with gel. It is designed to provide comfort and support and represents an aggressive bid by Serta to gain ground in the specialty sleep category.

New design brings ‘no sag mattress'

Comfort Solutions is taking dead aim at the body impression issue, one that some say is becoming a more serious problem in the industry. It has introduced a new construction system in its Extended Life line that offers significantly more support and comfort, enabling the company to market the line as the "no sag mattress." A new warranty covers any more than a half-inch of normal wear.

Comfort Solutions also introduced a two-sided mattress line, saying interest in that type of construction is growing. And it re-branded and re-engineered its female-friendly Laura Ashley line.

Springs abound in new Airsprung line

Looking overseas for design inspiration, International Bedding has developed a new Airsprung collection in cooperation with Airsprung Beds, a 139-year-old company based in the United Kingdom. The line will be selectively distributed.

The IB Airsprung collection features three foamencased spring units, all available on Europeandesign platform bases. There are almost two dozen beds in the collection, according to IB CEO Jeff Maillet. IB also revamped its American-Pedic and Classic collections and debuted those new lines in Las Vegas.

Hollandia and Therapedic see the light

Hollandia International and its product development partner, Therapedic International, have seen the light with their new iLight sleep system. The producers say the introduction of color through the use of a high-tech light system is a new concept in bedding. Consumers can change the look of the bed and the ambiance of the bedroom with the touch of a button, introducing green, red, blue or white light.

The sleep set, retailing at $18,000, uses an LED light-changing system built into the top of the headboard. The bed comes with a sound system and docking stations for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The mattress offers massage features and is fully adjustable. It is all part of Hollandia's "Let's stay in bed" philosophy.

Striking border fabrics from Portugal

Aesthetics are critical at E.S. Kluft & Co., and CEO Earl Kluft says that's evident in additions to a line of petite cotton plaid, upholstery grade fabrics his company is using in border treatments. The fabrics are from Portugal and are designed to separate the Kluft beds from the competition. Such designs are "unheard of" in the bedding industry, Kluft said.

Kluft also introduced three latex beds designed to work with adjustable bedding bases. The new beds retail for $2,500 to $4,000, relatively modest price points for the high-end bedding producer.

Celliant fibers boost mattress protection

Fabrictech International introduced an expansion of its rebranded premium line of protection products, called PureCare. The new PureCare Celliant mattress and pillow protector line helps the body recover faster, reduces minor aches and pains, and promotes better sleep, the producer says.

The high-tech Celliant fibers have been proven in clinical trials to increase oxygen levels in skin and muscle tissue, which aids in faster recover after physical activity, according to the company. The new products are exclusive to Fabrictech.

SilverShell offers ‘silver lining'

Leggett & Platt's Consumer Products Group expands its offerings with the introduction of the SilverShell antimicrobial mattress protector. Using MicroSilver BG technology, the mattress protector is designed to inhibit more than 99% of germs, thereby protecting the mattress from stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew that cause fabric deterioration. That is a real "silver lining" for consumers, the company says.

The antimicrobial technology uses highly pure, elemental silver to inhibit germs, the producer says. That technology is already used in a number of health care and consumer applications, L&P noted.

IronKids mattress features carbon fibers

T3 Recovery Products, which makes "the Official Mattress of Ironman," introduced a mattress that aims to make consumers familiar with its brand at an early age. The company showed its new IronKids line of juvenile bedding, with a twin mattress retailing at $299 in memory foam and $329 in latex. Both beds feature carbon fibers in the Tension Relief ticking to absorb static electricity and promote better sleep.

The T3 line of products is designed to help both athletes and non-athletes recover from all types of daily activities. The beds feature various high-tech materials to promote recovery. The program includes mattresses and pillows.

Vivon, Brookstone partner on massage mattress

Vivon, the U.S. marketing arm of China-based Zinus, brings a well-known consumer name into the mattress arena with its new partnership with product development company and specialty retailer Brookstone. Vivon's new Prestige mattress features a massage unit "powered by Brookstone" with five massage functions.

Like other Vivon mattresses, the functionality is built into the mattress, which looks like a regular mattress but has an enclosed massage unit. It delivers a massage to the shoulders, back and legs. Vivon also makes adjustable beds in which the mattress itself adjusts to the sleeper's preferences.

King's collection a coil-on-coil design

Kingsdown says its new King's collection is the most elegant and comfortable line it has ever introduced. It features a coil-on-coil system of five-inch units that total 3,700 in a queen-sized model. Double tufting and quilting add comfort and pressure relief, the producer says.

Making a major product push, Kingsdown also introduced new bedMATCH and My Side brands, both including technology engineered at the Sleep to Live Institute. In addition, the company re-launched its Sleeping Beauty brand.

The Sealy Posturepedic line features LiftRight Surround Handles on the mattress and a rubberized grid on the top of the foundation called StayTight.
SimmonsThe Simmons Beautyrest NxG line combines the support of Pocketed Coils with the comfort of memory foam, the producer says.

Serta’s iComfort gel memory foam line is backed with a full program of retail display materials.
Comfort Solutions
Comfort Solutions executives Dave Roberts, left, and Owen Shoemaker with a display for the company’s enhanced Extended Life line, positioned as a “no-sag” mattress line.

International Bedding executives Rives, left, and Jeff Maillet stand near a display of new Airsprung beds.
International Bedding
 Therapedic/HollandiaInternational CEO Avi Barssessat motions to an iLight bed that is part of a new product partnership between Hollandia and Therapedic.

 Earl Kluft relaxes on an adjustable bed added to the Aireloom line.
Fabrictech International
Fabrictech International’s Sean Bergman shows a new mattress protector featuring Celliant technology designed to promote better sleep. 
 Bob O’Neill, left, and Herman Tam, both of Leggett & Platt, display silver-protected mattress protectors called SilverShell.Leggett & Platt
 T3 Recovery ProductsT3’s IronKids line features carbon fibers in the Tension Relief ticking to absorb static electricity. 
Dennis Sones of Vivon relaxes on a new Vivon Prestige mattress with a massage unit by Brookstone.
KingsdownRegal colors key the new King’s collection introduced by Kingsdown.
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