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Ikea bags disposable bags

Stores now offer only reusable sacks
CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. — Ikea, which launched a "bag the plastic bag" campaign in 2001, officially goes cold turkey today.

The Sweden-based home furnishings giant said it will no longer offer plastic or paper bags at any of its U.S. stores. Now, customer will be offered reusable bags.

"With the introduction of its leadership ‘bag the plastic bag' ... Ikea set a goal of reducing its U.S. stores' plastic bag consumption by 50%, from 70 million to 35 million plastic bags in the first year," the company said. It suggested customers buy and use its blue bags for 59 cents or "don't use a bag at all."

If that wasn't acceptable, customers could purchase plastic bags for five cents, with all proceeds going to American forestry organization to plant trees to restore forests and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Since the bag the bags program began, Ikea has raised enough money to plant 516,000 trees.

The program has cut plastic bag use by 92%, exceeding the retailer's expectations.

"The success of this program clearly demonstrates that like Ikea, our customers care about our global home," said Pernille Spiers-Lopez, president, Ikea North America. "They have let us know, that they're looking at ways to be environmentally responsible in their everyday lives. Plus the huge increase in our reusable blue bag sales, tells us that our bold step to end plastic bag sales has been welcomed by our customers across the nation."

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