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ITC hearing on Chinese plywood set for Sept. 19

WASHINGTON - The U.S. International Trade Commission will meet Sept. 19 to hear a case involving the imports of hardwood plywood from China.
     The hearing is part of its final phase investigation into whether the domestic industry has been injured by the imports of the product, which is used in cabinets, shelving, recreational vehicles and some furniture.
     The hearing will take place three days after the U.S. Department of Commerce sets final antidumping and countervailing duties on the hardwood plywood imports. The antidumping duties address imports that are priced at below normal market values, while the countervailing duties address imports from factories that are subsidized by the Chinese government.
     The investigation was requested last year by a number of hardwood plywood producers who said they believed Chinese producers were shipping the goods to the U.S. market below materials costs, a violation of international trade laws.
     In a preliminary determination in November, the ITC found enough evidence of material injury to continue the investigation.
     This year, the DOC made preliminary determinations to impose duties in each case.
     After the Sept. 19 hearing, the ITC has about 45 days to make its final determination in the material injury investigation. That will determine whether to continue collecting the duties, which are assigned to Chinese producers, but paid by importers of record of the merchandise.
     If the ITC finds there is no complete evidence of injury to the domestic industry, any duties collected thus far must be returned.
     Interested parties who wish to appear at the hearing must file their requests in writing to the ITC secretary no later than Sept. 16. The hearing takes place at 9:30 a.m. at the U.S. International Trade Commission Building at 500 E St. SW, Washington, D.C.
     For more information, contact Fred Ruggles at the ITC at fred.ruggles@usitc.gov, or by calling (202) 205-3187.

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