• Jerry Epperson

Sex an important factor in mattress purchasing

Jerry Epperson An insider’s viewJerry Epperson An insider’s view
Some topics are just not discussed in public, like sex. Not nasty, filthy, triple-X sex (wink, wink), but just healthy sex between consenting adults who hopefully care about each other.
     Yet one of our most respected corporate giants, Leggett & Platt, did "SexySleep" research using 255 men and women - all over 21, of course. Hopefully, one at a time, these consumers were asked to sit, bounce, lay, crawl, roll and jump on two different construction mattresses and then were interviewed about their preferences.
     In my opinion, this is a topic that needs to be addressed since sex and mattresses have not been well discussed since the days of waterbeds.
     I never owned a waterbed but I had friends who bragged about them. Most of my college-aged friends at the time had the least expensive rectangular vinyl bags of water held within a substantial wooden box, not some of the more sophisticated constructions available today. I sat on one and rocked and rolled for a while, not finding it enjoyable, but I never used it for its real purpose.
     By the way, waterbeds had heaters as an option, not methods to keep the user cool like today.
     In my mind, we often forget just how intimate the mattress purchase can be and the need to consider age, weight and fitness, height, sex of the occupant or occupants and not just be firm, really firm or really, really firm.
     As to addressing sex itself, in my feeble brain, it seems that when younger, the bed itself was less important. While you may find it difficult to believe, in my teens and twenties I was no athlete, sexual or otherwise. My dating experiences related more to the massive bench seats of my parents' 1964 Chevrolet than to any mattress.
     In college and graduate school, I slept on horrible dorm mattresses, rented furniture in an apartment, and on a Sears' "jackknife" sofa bed - and never had trouble sleeping or doing anything else.
     When we age and mature, many of these issues appear and need to be addressed - all of the issues, not just firmness.
     Perhaps we could make the mattress buying experience more romantic and comfortable. Softer lighting, background music and a faint lavender scent could make it feel less impersonal.
     Maybe we could sell scented candles, massage oils, silk sheets and other mood-enhancing offerings to remind the consumers that sleep is not all you do on a mattress.
     And with today's flat screen televisions, laptop computers, tablets and smartphones, everyone is doing a lot more on their beds, even dining.
     I sleep like a fat rock using an electric adjustable bed made by Leggett & Platt and on a fabulous mattress made in Hopewell, Va., by my friend Winn Butterworth, who owns Custom Comfort by Winn.
     Life is too short not to have the perfect mattress.

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