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Selling Sleep: Sleep Interrupters

What keeps you from a good night's sleep?
 Selling Sleep - Sleep Interrupters

This is the list of problems that the mattress industry must solve to give all consumers a good night of sleep.
What is striking to us is the relatively small percentage of consumers - just 15% - reporting no problems getting a good night of sleep. That's not an especially good message for an industry that likes to think it delivers a good night of sleep.
One of the big problems here is the disconnect between mattress advertising messages. Consumers are practically crying out for help in getting a better night of sleep. But too many retailers want to sell a cheaper night of sleep rather than a better one.
Applying the findings
This data is of critical importance to retail sales associates as it directs them where to go in recommending sleep sets. Sleeping too hot or cold? Try a bed with phase change materials designed to help you sleep at your ideal temperature. Tossing and turning? Try a bed with encased coils to reduce partner disturbance. Pets or kids keeping you up at night? Try a larger sleep set.
This should be basic blocking and tackling for RSAs. They need to find out what the sleep interrupters are for each consumer they meet, and they should be ready to offer solutions.
There are different ways to meet consumers' mattress needs. Both encased coils and memory foam can be touted for their help in reducing motion transfer, for example. But whatever bedding products retailers favor, they must be ready to bring them into the shopping experience at a moment's notice.

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