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Fabrictech offers PureCare aromatherapy collection

Fabrictech is introducingFabrictech is introducing aromatherapy in its new PureCare Aromatherapy line. Pictured are protectors with lavender sachets.
LAS VEGAS - Fabrictech International is offering a new aromatherapy bedding protection line that it says offers a sweet smelling package of benefits for consumers.
     The mattress and fabric protection company, showing in a new showroom here at World Market Center C-1595, is introducing its PureCare Aromatherapy line, which offers health-conscious consumers the chance to breathe in scents ranging from calming lavender to sweet Mandarin, and from congestion-clearing eucalyptus to a jasmine floral, the company says.
     The scents are contained in sachets, which are tucked into a patent-pending pocket on the inside of each PureCare Aromatherapy mattress and pillow protector. The products will ship with lavender sachets, but other sachets are available.
     Individual sachets will retail for about $6 and can be purchased through the retailer or directly from Fabrictech.
     In addition to calming lavender, the scents include "tangy and sweet Mandarin, mood-lifting and sedating sandalwood, sinus and congestion relieving eucalyptus and rich and romantic jasmine floral," the company said.
Fabrictech recommends that for best results, the sachets be replaced every three months.
     "We are giving the retailer an opportunity to bring the consumer into the store, potentially as soon as every quarter, and thus significantly reduce the buying cycle on other products, while continually improving sleep and wellness relaxation through aromatherapy," said Jeff Bergman, president of Fabrictech. "By reducing the buying cycle and getting consumers back into the store more often, retailers have an opportunity to sell these customers new products and build a better relationship with them every time."
     He said that aromatherapy offers a scented environment that is relaxing and conducive to sleep, thus building on the company's commitment to providing products with health and wellness benefits.
     Each PureCare Aromatherapy protector is allergen proof, dust mite proof and moisture proof, and is also bedbug proof in the total encasement and pillow protector products. The new protectors have antibacterial silver ions.
     The five-sided mattress protectors and total encasement protectors will have two sachet pockets in the queen and king models, and one in the twin and full sizes. Each pillow protector will come with two sachet pockets in every size.
     Suggested pricing ranges from $159.99 for the PureCare Aromatherapy in a queen total encasement version to $119.99 for the five-sided queen-sized model and $28.99 for a pillow.
     "Relaxation is essential to a good night's sleep," said Bergman. "Our scented sachets infuse the sleep environment with calming scents, helping to release anxieties and relax breathing."
     He said the lavender scent has a "calming, soothing, sedative effect" and may improve sleep quality and promote relaxation in individuals who have trouble sleeping.
     The PureCare Aromatherapy line is backed with the tag line, "Breathe. Relax. Sleep." It comes with the company's limited lifetime warranty. Fabrictech is the official mattress and pillow protector of the National Sleep Foundation.

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