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Sex or Sleep?

Selling Sleep

Selling SleepMarketing overview
It has been said that sleep is the new sex, meaning that sleep is such a precious commodity that it's even more highly valued than sex. Well, this data says that insight is on target.
In fact, it's not even close: Far more consumers crave sleep than sex. This is a profound statement on the high rate of sleeplessness in America.
The male/female breakdown on this data is predictable. About three times as many men crave sex more than sleep as do women. Since the bedding consumer is most often a women, the point here is clear: Women are looking for a mattress to deliver a better night of sleep.
And the age breakdown is not surprising: Older consumers are more focused on sleep than sex.
Applying the findings
Some bedding veterans don't believe that sex should be discussed on the sales floor. And this data supports that view, as six in 10 consumers are more interested in sleep than sex.
The implication here is clear: Retail sales associates should talk about how a new mattress delivers a better night of sleep. That's what most consumers want.
But we do think this data could make for some clever retail ads: "We've got what you want in the bedroom. Hint: It's a better night of sleep."
And the shock value of this data is worth capitalizing on. The fact that sleep is craved more than sex provides a powerful endorsement of the importance of selling better sleep to consumers.

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