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Mattress Metrics: Good night's sleep

Most consumers not getting good sleep every night

Mattress Metrics Good NightHow did you sleep last night?
That's a good opening question when a retail sales associate welcomes a customer into his or her mattress department or mattress shop. It gets right at the key issue of quality of sleep, and providing a good night of sleep is really what RSAs are offering when they help consumers find a new mattress.
While RSAs should always pay close attention to the answer they receive when they ask about quality of sleep, it's a good bet that most consumers aren't getting the good night of sleep they need.
That fact emerges from these Bedroom Poll results from the National Sleep Foundation, which find that just one-third of consumers say they are getting a good night of sleep every night or almost every night. The key fact here is best expressed in the reverse: Almost two out of three consumers are not getting a good night of sleep every night or almost every night. And almost one in four consumers is getting a good night's sleep just a few nights a month, or less.
Why is that? That's for the RSA to discover, by learning more about the sleep issues that may be troubling their customers. Their discovery of those issues and the solutions they provide to those issues constitute the heart of the mattress sales process.
Key take-away
A good night of sleep every night is a gift that only one out of three consumers enjoys. Retail sales associates have the opportunity to help their customers enjoy that gift by finding a good mattress that meets their needs.

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