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Connecticut forgoes mattress legislation

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The Connecticut General Assembly has adjourned for the year without passing used mattress recycling legislation, giving the bedding industry an unexpected victory.
     The Connecticut Senate had passed a recycling bill that addressed some key concerns raised by the International Sleep Products Assn. Bedding observers believed that the Connecticut House would pass a similar version of that legislation and that it would become law in Connecticut.
     ISPA officials were pleased that the Senate had considered issues raised by the bedding industry's trade association, but said they continue to believe that the recycling issue is best handled on a federal level.
     "The sponsors of Senate Bill 89 considered the important logistical and commercial concerns with the mattress recycling bill at a state level," said ISPA President Ryan Trainer. "However, ISPA firmly believes that the best approach to efficient and legitimate mattress recycling lies in federal legislation.
     "A federal recycling program would permit efficiencies and economies of scale that are not possible at a state or local level. It would apply consistent collection and processing practices across the country that would benefit all parties concerned by driving down recycling costs for both consumers and manufacturers while also increasing recycling rates," Trainer said.
     ISPA opposed the bill when it was introduced in Connecticut because it would have imposed unreasonable costs and burdens on mattress manufacturers, retailers and consumers, Trainer said.
     He said ISPA supports the decision not to enact a mandatory state recycling law. ISPA has been working for years to encourage responsible recycling of used mattresses and supports the development of legitimate recycling operations, according to Trainer, and will continue to advocate for federal legislation with the goal of creating a mattress recycling solution that is efficient for both consumers and businesses.
     To create a program that operates most efficiently, ISPA believes national legislation must be created to address the needs of consumers, retailers and manufacturers under one unified, consistent program, Trainer said.
     The association will continue to work with state and local governments to address the mattress disposal challenges that municipalities face while continuing to advocate for a broad-ranging federal solution, he added.

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