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ISPA commends Connecticut for mattress recycling compromise

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The International Sleep Products Assn. is commending the Connecticut Senate for reaching a compromise on legislation that would create a used mattress recycling program.

But ISPA said it still believes a national approach is the best way to tackle the recycling issue.

The legislation approved by the Connecticut Senate this week is likely to win approval in the state House and to win the support of the governor, thus becoming law, bedding observers predict.

ISPA officials have been closely monitoring developments in the Connecticut Senate, which passed a recycling bill that takes into account fundamental practical issues involved with designing and implementing a new statewide recycling program, ISPA said.

The bedding industry's trade association has been working for a number of years to encourage responsible recycling of used mattresses and said it supports the development of legitimate recycling operations.

"We were able to reach a compromise with the Connecticut legislature on the mattress recycling bill," said Ryan Trainer, ISPA president.

"However, ISPA firmly believes that the best approach to efficient and legitimate mattress recycling lies in federal legislation. A federal recycling program would permit efficiencies and economies of scale that are not possible at a state or local level, applying consistent collection and processing practices across the country that would benefit all parties concerned by driving down recycling costs for both consumers and manufacturers while also increasing recycling rates," Trainer said.

While it favors national legislation on the issue, ISPA said it will continue to do everything it can to help state and local governments address the mattress disposal challenges that many localities are facing.


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