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Educational seminars set for Las Vegas Market

LAS VEGAS — Once again the Las Vegas Market offers a full slate of educational seminars during the first four days of the summer show.

Many of the events are sponsored and organized by the World Market Center or the Western Home Furnishings Assn. and National Home Furnishings Assn.

All sessions are free to marketgoers except where noted.

Monday, Aug. 1
9-10:30 a.m.
First Look
Monica Pederson, HGTV, and Julie Smith Vincenti, Nine Muses Media
Pederson and Smith Vincenti will talk about everything hot for the winter season in this fast-paced and highly visual presentation. They will cover the newest looks in bedroom and accent furniture, upholstery, lighting, area rugs, wall décor and more. Noteworthy designs from Gift + Home and Vegas Kids also will be featured. The companion products guide will be given to attendees to help them find the latest trends at market (limited quantities available). Sponsored by Accent Décor. World Forum, floor 16, Building B.

9:30 a.m.
Eight Great Closings
Philip Gutsell, GutSELL & Associates
How often have you seen or heard the following from your customers? "This is the first place I've shopped." "It's more than I want to spend." "I have to check with my significant other, room size, etc." "I have to think about it." "I saw it elsewhere for less." Gutsell will show and demonstrate the most effective methods to teach your salespeople how to close today. Each of these eight techniques will be elaborately exposed with step-by-step procedures to cut down the number of walks you currently experience. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

10-11 a.m.
First-time buyer orientation
First-time buyers may take advantage of this special orientation, designed to help maximize buying time and inform them about the many resources, destinations, seminars and events at Las Vegas Market. For more information or to RSVP, email C-364

11:00 a.m.
We Can't Wait for Customers, Go Get Them!
Brad Huisken, IAS Training
No longer can furniture retailers wait for customers - sometimes they aren't coming. Dealers today have to create business. Most salespeople believe the goal when a customer walks in is to make the sale, but Huisken says the real goal should be to make a friend. Learn to increase your personal trade, repeat business and referral business through building relationships with your customers. Brad will share how salespeople can get more people coming into the store than ever before, how to sell more of the people that are already coming in and how to sell more to the people you are already selling. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

12:30 p.m.
Profit Now
John Egger, Profitability Consulting Group
Profit is the bottom line - period. Egger, drawing on years of industry experience, education and consulting observations, will show you how stores, even during the recession have kept profit for their companies. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2 p.m.
Web-based Intelligence
Bob George,
Would you buy a car without any gauges? That decision would be the equivalent of running your business without knowing your numbers. A recent survey in a technology magazine listed the leading investment for small and mid-sized businesses in 2011 as business intelligence technology applications. Learn how retailers and manufacturers can use groundbreaking software service applications to improve top line and bottom line profitability. Know the available gauges that measure your performance and enable you to make fact-based business decisions in real time. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2-3 p.m.
The 3/50 Project: It Takes a Village
Cinda Baxter, Always Upwards
Born in a blog post, then exploding as a viral, international movement, The 3/50 Project reunites local merchants and consumers with its positive, effective message, strengthening their communities at the same time. Learn how the 3/50 Project came to be, what it has grown into today, and how you can use it to strengthen your business. Sponsored by Gift + Home. World Forum, floor 16, Building B

3-4 p.m.
Where Modern Meets Traditional
Pamela Jaccarino, Luxe Interiors+Design
Jaccarino will lead a panel discussion with interior designers about New Traditional design. Discover how these designers put a fresh spin on tradition. In honor of keynote speaker President Bill Clinton, the panel will view the designers' contemporary interpretations of classic White House rooms. Featuring Todd Davis, Robert Brown, Tobi Fairley and Amanda Nisbet. C-176

3:30 p.m.
My Associates Have Been Trained and Don't Need or Want More Training
Mark Lacy, The Furniture Training Co.
Retail salespeople absolutely need and want better training. This seminar, for corporate executives and furniture store owners, examines the impact an organized, ongoing furniture training program has on store sales. Attendees will review eye-opening, never-before-seen data collected from thousands of furniture sales associates. Learn the differences between the training needs of newly hired and veteran sales associates. Discover the differences in attitudes towards training between poor producers and million-dollar sellers. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

Tuesday, Aug. 2
9-10 a.m.
Introducing Color Pulse 2012: Preservation
Fran Mooney, Benjamin Moore
Color Pulse is Benjamin Moore's international award winning forecast. For 2012, "preservation and protection" are the connecting links between human beings and their environment. Four key supportive themes will be presented: heritage, process, protection and enlightenment. Sponsored by Benjamin Moore. C-176

9:30 a.m.
Public Relations: The Secrets Revealed
Kathy Wall, The Media Matters
Wall unveils the mysteries of public relations and how you can make it work for your company. What is the purpose of PR? Do you know the difference between good PR and advertising? How do you identify what is newsworthy without being self-serving? How can you use PR to increase your traffic and increase sales? What does the press need from you to cover your story? Kathy will also share ideas, stories and great examples of public relations opportunities. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

10-11 a.m.
Visual Merchandising for Independent Retailers
Linda Cahan
This seminar on display and visual merchandising will offer new insights to both experienced and novice retailers. Among the topics to be covered are retail color psychology, sensory merchandising and basic design techniques as they relate to retail, lighting, signage and display. Sponsored by World Market Center Las Vegas and Gift + Home. World Forum, floor 16, Building B

10-11 a.m.
First-time Buyer Orientation
First-time buyers may take advantage of this special orientation, designed to help maximize buying time and inform them about the many resources, destinations, seminars and events at Las Vegas Market. For more information or to RSVP, email Sponsored by World Market Center Las Vegas, Vegas Kids and Gift +Home. C-364

11 a.m.
Measuring and Maximizing the Value of Your Website
Steven McLendon, MicroD
Relative to your peers, how does your website compare? What are the key attributes that provide superior performance? This program will present simple metrics and key objectives to measure the performance of your site while providing business advancing "best practices" to maximize your website's performance. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Profitable Partnerships
Jody Seivert, Profitable Partnerships.
This highly interactive seminar has three key points: marketing your design services, selling your services and partnering with showrooms to build profitability. Seivert will address these key areas with the intention to help designers to grow their business and increase their profitability. Will include demonstrations and role play practice. CEU available. Sponsored by World Market Center Las Vegas and Jordan Spencer. Seminar is in C-176, and will be followed by a luncheon in the Jordan Spencer showroom, C-188.

11 a.m.-Noon
Make Sure Organic and Green Work For You and Not Against You
Vicki Warden, Worden Associates; Lori Wyman, Control Union Certifications
Recent government actions could result in penalties for retailers and manufacturers that are using the word "organic" in marketing. Attend this seminar to learn from two experts on how to ensure that your methods for marketing your "organic" or "green" products don't put your company on the firing line. Sponsored by WMC and Specialty Sleep Assn. World Forum, floor 16, Building B

12:30 p.m.
How to Prepare for Today's Emboldened Mattress Shoppers
Gerry Morris, Inner Spring
In recent years, mattress shoppers have become empowered because of the proliferation of choices, the abundance of research information on the Internet, and the influence of social media networks to determine what and where to buy. Now the slow economy is turning these consumers into emboldened shoppers. Armed with knowledge they are wielding their power to seek and find that elusive "best value" for a mattress. What's a retailer to do? This seminar will help you meet the challenge and turn discriminating shoppers into satisfied customers. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2 p.m.
Anatomy of a Salesperson
Joe Milevsky, JRM Sales & Management
What makes one salesperson succeed while others fail? Is there a magic profile? Do you know where to find the best candidates and if so, why would they come work for you? Do you position them for success? Join Joe Milevsky for an in-depth discussion that will give you the much needed information to identify, hire and retain the best sales team you could ever hope for. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2-3 p.m.
Survival Techniques for the Small Design Firm
Michael Thomas, president, American Society of Interior Designers
Thomas will present the ASID keynote address. CEU available. Sponsored by WMC, ASID and Las Vegas Design Center. C-176

3:30 p.m.
Hire Google
Seth Weisblatt, Nulution
A Google certified small business trainer and furniture store owner, Weisblatt will teach you how to use Google to get your business found online. Make the world's largest search engine work for your company. Topics include Google Places, Google Analytics, Google Apps and Google AdWords. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

4-4:45 p.m.
WithIt Presents: Digital Design Magazines
Lisa Bingham, Entra Magazine, and Cassandra La Velle, Rue Magazine. Moderated by Kassie Smith
Bigham and La Velle speak candidly about their move into digital publishing and their personal success with online magazines. These former editors from high profile shelter magazines have reinvented themselves by creating their own brands through digital publications. Sponsored by WMC and WithIt. World Forum, floor 16, Building B

4-5 p.m.
Critical Facts and Solutions Retailers and Consumers Need to Know

Fabrictech International
With the proper tools and solutions, retailers can market and sell positively, offering people-protection solutions that will earn them extra business, margins and goodwill while addressing critical health and wellness issues for the consumer. Fabrictech International underwrites this compilation of diverse, extensive research on allergies, bio-contaminants and asthma in the sleep environment. Retailers looking to know more about the actual extent of serious health issues related to allergies, asthma and disturbed sleep should plan to attend this seminar presentation on positive steps to take to improve the lives of the consumer. Sponsored by WMC and Specialty Sleep Assn. World Forum, floor 16, Building B

5-5:45 p.m.
WithIt Presents: DesignInGreen with SFC
Susan Inglis, Sustainable Furnishings Council
Join designers featured in the Sustainable Furnishings Council's nationwide media campaign "why not?" as they share stories about current priorities and best practices for green projects. A Q&A session will follow. Join afterward on the Sky Terrace for Up on the Roof, a reception in celebration of Gift for Life at the Las Vegas Market. Tickets are $20. All proceeds go to DIFFA. Sponsored by WithIt, the SFC and WMC. World Forum, floor 16, Building B

6:45-8 p.m.
Keynote speech
President Bill Clinton

The former president's keynote speech will describe the challenge of globalization, emphasize our growing interdependence and point the way toward a common future based on shared goals and values. All market attendees are invited. Sign up at Sponsored by World Market Center Las Vegas and Serta's iComfort. World Pavilions

Wednesday, Aug. 3
9-10 a.m.
Ahead of the Curve
Susanna Salk, Diamond & Baratta, and Jeffrey Alan Marks
Offering an exclusive preview of the hottest new home design trends, Ahead of the Curve will be back for its fifth installment at the summer Las Vegas Market. Designers William Diamond and Anthony Baratta will join Marks, star of Bravo TV's "Million Dollar Decorators," to bring the summer market to the masses as they deliver their top picks during a live panel discussion and webcast. Includes a question and answer segment. Sponsored by WMC. C-352

9:30 a.m.
Creation + Sharing + Engagement ÷ Marketing = Social Media!
Kevin Doran, R&A Marketing
There are no exact answers on how to make sales from social media. Don't let anyone tell you that they have the greatest solution to start getting you sales from social media. Social media is ever-changing. Every day something new is introduced or taken away. What you need to learn is how to best reach and understand your Facebook marketplace. From there you can start making sales and start growing your social media presence. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

11 a.m.
Hire Google
Seth Weisblatt, Nulution
This session is repeated from Tuesday. A Google certified small business trainer and furniture store owner, Weisblatt will teach you how to use Google to get your business found online. Make the world's largest search engine work for your company. Topics include Google Places, Google Analytics, Google Apps and Google AdWords. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
European Bedrooms and the Quality of Sleep
Dr. Neil Stanley
Sleep expert Stanley will be sharing discoveries from the University of Surrey, where he was director of sleep research. Retailers who successfully market bedding products are also selling better sleep, and the insights provided by Stanley's research will be valuable to all attendees. Reception and book signing will follow, next to the seminar room at Ergo Bedroom in C-184. Sponsored by WMC, Ergo Bedroom and Vi-Spring Beds. C-176

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m
The Lifestyle Report: What Fashion Comes Home To
Fran and Arnie Sude, Design Options
Design Options applies years of insight and experience into forecasting inter-industry-fused trends. The Lifestyle Report, issued twice a year, bridges the gap between the apparel and home fashion worlds, with a forecast predicted on the premise that the trends one sees in the fashion industry find their way into the home and vice versa. In each issue of the Lifestyle Report, six trends are analyzed and supported with 35-40 images. Attendees will receive handouts and the opportunity to participate in a lively Q&A. World Forum, 16th floor, Building B

12:30 p.m.
Dynamics of Family Business - What Is Your Succession Plan?
Carolynne Ruccereto, Storis Management Systems
Join us for a powerful presentation of multi-generational planning within a retail business. The statistics may surprise you. We will discuss the importance of understanding succession planning and the unique challenges in running a family business. This topic will touch on the statistics, the pillars and pitfalls of family business and also provide insight for planning a future successful enterprise. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

1-2 p.m.
Italian Furniture Always Classically on Trend
Marco Felicioli
Learn how classical laws of proportion and historically correct details combine to make period pieces enduring, sophisticated and purposeful. Sponsored by WMC and Jordan Spencer. C-176

2 p.m.
Nobody Notices Normal
Sally Morse, HunterDouglas
Learn how to set yourself apart from your competition. Maybe you are doing the same type of advertising marketing and networking as your competition but there are ways to garner your potential customer's attention. This seminar will make you see your business through your customer's eyes. Learn why your customer will buy from you and what they want from you as a retailer/designer. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2:30-3:30 p.m.
Lighting Forecast
Michelle Lamb, The Trend Curve
Residential Light and Home Fashion Forecast, in partnership with the WMC and sponsored by Ellington, bring a premier forecaster to focus on lighting and digest how broader trends are defined within that segment. Through her publication, The Trend Curve, Lamb helps manufacturers, retailers and designers stay ahead of emerging looks. She also consults for companies such as Pier 1 Imports, Day-Timers, Uniek, Company C, Mannington Mills, Amisco, Ames True Temper and the Victor Group. World Forum, floor 16, Building B

2:30-3:30 p.m.
Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2012
Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing and design, Sherwin Williams.
Colormix 2012 surveys the landscape to find core palettes inspired by nature. Join Jordan as she guides you through the inspirations and influences for the coming year. This course is open to professional interior designers and architects. Seating is limited and closed once presentation begins. Sponsored by WMC and Robert Allen. (0.1 CEU) C-176

4 p.m.
GenerationSpeak! - What You Need to Know about the Diverse Generations of People who Shop and Work in Your Business.
Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender, Kizer and Bender Speaking!
Do you speak the same language that your customers speak? Do you understand generational nuances - the things that make each generation who they are? Getting a handle on your changing customers has never been easier. Kizer and Bender host yearly focus groups with each generation. They've observed how they shop and what they look for in their businesses of choice. You'll come away from this presentation with a clear understanding of each generation, what they expect and what to do about it. You'll leave armed with the know-how to give each generation what they want, when they want it, the way that they want it. This Business Survival Series seminar is hosted by the WMC and WHFA. WHFA Retailer Resource Center, C-496

4-5 p.m.
Green High Rise Design Dos and Don'ts: Elevating High Rise Design through a Green Approach
Sophie Azouaou, SophiStiacte Interiors
Azouaou, the founder of SophiStiacte Interiors, creator of the High Rise Design Service concept and a green design specialist, will share green do's and don'ts of high rise design. She also will explain why this type of design service concept is fast becoming the new trend in big cities. Questions and answers will follow the educational session. C-176

Thursday, Aug. 4

9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Green Leaders
Jeff Hiller, JB Training Solutions
Green Leaders is the industry's first certified sustainability training. This six-hour seminar has more that 200 certified graduates to date. Fee-based. To register, email Sponsored by Sustainable Furnishings Council and WMC. World Forum, floor 16, Building B

9-10 a.m.
Faux Demystified
Ed Mattingly, director of product development, Sherwin Williams
A special preview of the industry's newest and best professional faux finishing system. Mattingly will present the Sherwin Williams line of faux products, Faux Impressions, explaining the various layers and building blocks that go into each of the finishes. Sponsored by WMC. C-176

9:30 a.m.
The Magic 3's
Sally Morse, HunterDouglas
How many colors work well together in a room? How many colors make up a triadic color scheme? An analogous color scheme? How many times must a color be used to make it an accent color? To what proportion do you mix patterns in a room? This fact-filled presentation points out the many times the number three is used in the rules of design, showing proportion in a fun-filled way. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

10-11 a.m.
The Basics of Specifying Automated Window Coverings
Jeff Sinclair, director of automation, Hartmann and Forbes
Join Sinclair as he presents the basics of specifying automated window coverings. Earn 0.7 CEU credit while learning various motor, control and integration technologies, each of their requirements and who can help you along the way. Sponsored by WMC and Las Vegas Design Center. C-176

11 a.m.
The Real Estate Market Is Ready for You
Douglas Kays, Douglas Kays Real Estate
If you are ready to think about expanding or reducing, you need to understand today's changing commercial real estate market. Whether you own or lease, learn how the changes in the market and market conditions have created opportunities that we haven't seen in 25 years. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Daily Sales Sites: How One Kings Lane Found Success with Affordable Luxury for the Masses
Susan Feldman, co-founder, One Kings Lane
Feldman discusses how the emergence of the daily sales site has innovated the home and living market for vendors and consumers. Sponsored by WMC. C-176

12:30 p.m.
Get a Grip on Your Business Financials
Bob Moorman, JRM Sales & Management
Gain penetration insights into your financials. Learn how every financial document tells you a story, understand and identify how a P&L or budget gives you the initiatives you should be going after. Learn the early warnings that can appear in your financial documents. Understand what it takes to keep a company safe and how to have predictable net profits. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

2 p.m.
True Cost of Home Delivery
Kevin Truett, Speedy Delivery
One of the most common complaints we hear from furniture dealers today is the headache they receive when dealing with home deliveries. This workshop is designed to identify the true cost of home delivery and how to eliminate the headaches. We'll outline over a dozen hard costs and time-consumers directly associated with home delivery, from employee wages to damage and liabilities; we'll talk about reducing your cost and improving your bottom line. Join us as we also compare side-by-side the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your home deliveries. Retailer Resource Center, C-496

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