Collezione Europa acquires IDP

Staff Staff, February 11, 2002

Case goods and occasional importer Collezione Europa has bought the Italian Design Pavilion showroom at the corner of Commerce and Elm streets here.

The 15,000-square-foot building will be renamed the Collezione Europa Building. Collezione already shows at the site.

"We now have the entire two-story showroom so we can have continuity in presenting our product," said Paul Frankel, vice president and chief financial officer. Collezione will occupy the entire building by premarket next month.

Despite the larger space, Collezione's line has grown to the point that it still will lease extra showroom space at the nearby Commerce & Design Building, and in the new accents and accessories areas at Market Square Suites.

Frankel said that he would have liked a larger building, but that the value of the location was too great to ignore. He said the Natuzzi showroom and the huge investment in Market Square by Merchandise Mart Properties has altered traffic patterns at market to create a hub at the Collezione Europa Building's front door.

"We view this location as one of the prime spots in town now," Frankel said. "And whatever the patterns are now, we think they're going to increase to our advantage in years to come."

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