Best of F/T in a New Package

Best of F/T in a New PackageIf you are reading my column, you already realize that Furniture/Today has a fresh and exciting new look!
     Thanks to a keen eye and an exquisite sense of design on the part of Wes Kennedy, our talented group art director, this week's issue has kept all the best attributes of Furniture/Today and enhanced them via a fresh, lively and streamlined new presentation.
     If Wes was explaining the new design to you, he would undoubtedly share the names of the new fonts he's selected and explain how they not only make the paper look much more contemporary, but are also easier to read.
     I am sure he would also talk to you about how the new look relies on more ‘white space' and how that makes each page more attractive, and by extension, more important.
     I love what he's done to page one, especially with the ‘What's Inside' box on the left-hand portion of the page. To be honest, with our previous four or five story starts on the front page, we were not giving the paper credit for all the important news that was in the issue, nor were we alerting you, our reader, to the many important items inside.
     Now, with our new look, we can alert you to almost twice as many items, while at the same time, making our pages more efficient and visually interesting.
     Since lots of coverage also focuses on product introductions, you will enjoy larger, more detailed product pictures to help you make your business decisions.
    While the kudos for our great new look go to Wes, the vision for our sharp redesign came from our new owners here at Progressive Business Media.
     Literally only a few days after acquiring Furniture/Today and our sister publications, Matt Slaine, president of FT Media Holdings LLC, the parent of Progressive Business Media, made it clear that the company's plan was to invest in our products in order to make great titles even better.
     As you look through this week's issue, I think you will agree with me that thanks to Matt and Wes, it happened.
    Oh, and if you like what you see, stay tuned. As part of our mandate to accelerate our presence as a multi-platform, digital force, this is just the beginning!

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