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Valdese, Crypton partner on line

ValdeseValdese will introduce DiCaprio, left, Addlestone, Robshaw and Rampone as part of the Crypton Home collection.
Valdese, N.C. - Fabric source Valdese Weavers is partnering with Crypton Fabric on an exclusive collection of performance fabrics for the residential furniture market.
     The new collection will be introduced at the upcoming Showtime textile market in High Point and will be the first offering of performance fabrics from Valdese in the residential upholstery category.
     "Valdese Weavers is excited to announce a new partnership with Crypton Home as the exclusive jacquard weaver and will launch its debut collection with the Crypton Home finish at Showtime," said Laura Levinson, chief creative officer of Valdese Weavers. "Our December launch is in direct response to the growing interest in a performance story for the home furnishing market. This initial launch will include both contemporary and traditional patterns in six fashion-forward color palettes addressing a flexible lifestyle interior. Future collections will be based on the broad portfolio of patterns created by Valdese Weavers each season."
     At Showtime, which runs Dec. 8-11, 10 fabrics will be introduced, with six to 10 colors for each. The price range is $13 to $19.
     "The main patterns on the traditional side are a vintage tapestry paisley shawl design, a beautiful cotton ikat frame and a faux velvet frame with an ombre of chenille," Levinson said. "Our coordinates include a large scale fretwork design, a multicolor chenille stripe and a boucle stripe with bright vivid shades that tie back into both collections. Our traditional color families include a natural linen story with a soft slate blue, a deep red with accents of gold and fun teal to turquoise color paired with citron green and indigo blue with white accents.
     "On the contemporary side, we have a velvet kaleidoscope pattern, a retro geometric pattern and a multicolor geometric tapestry pattern, which is perfect for pillows or chairs. We have a very bright palette for this group that uses deep red to fuchsia, cobalt blue to teal, charcoal gray to mink brown and chartreuse green paired with turquoise. All of our ground colors are clean whites and off whites, which keep the motif colors bright and vivid."
     Randy Rubin, chairman of Crypton, said the partnership brings a new option to the residential performance category.
     "Valdese Weavers is adding a collection of Crypton Home decorative woven products to an already expansive list of residential offerings," Rubin said. "We're delighted that Crypton is catching on residentially. Valdese has been an enormous part of our success in the contract segment and this new offering is a logical and exciting evolution of our relationship."
     "The Valdese Weavers Jacquard collection will be cross merchandised with the Crypton Home piece-dyed plains," Levinson said. "This is the first jacquard collection for the home furnishings market with the Crypton Home performance story."

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