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Selling Sleep: Training

 Selling Sleep Training

We wrap up this series of reports on Better Sleep Council research with this fascinating question: Can people train themselves to get by on less sleep?

It turns out that fully 40% of consumers think that is the case, while 33% say they don't know. That means that only the 26% who said "no" came up with the correct answer. According to the BSC, it is proven that we cannot train ourselves to require less sleep.

The gender breakdown is instructive, revealing that 45% of men believe people can be trained to require less sleep, with just 36% of women holding that view.

The age breakdown is also interesting, showing that younger adults are more likely to believe that people can be trained to require less sleep. A total of 45% of consumers between the ages of 18 to 34 believe that, compared to just 38% of consumers age 55 or older.

Applying the findings
This research provides more handy tools for retail sales associates. It positions the RSAs as sleep experts, as they can share information that will take many consumers by surprise. Many of the most surprised consumers will be young men, who may say they can sleep on anything.

This data helps make the case that our sleep needs can't be trimmed simply because we think we can get by with less sleep. While it's true that different people have different sleep requirements, it's not true that we can will our way to require less sleep.

The fact that three out of four consumers are unaware that we can't train ourselves to get by on less sleep shows the big opportunity that RSAs have to correct that misinformation or that lack of knowledge. And the sooner that consumers learn they can't trim their sleep needs just because they want to, the sooner those consumers can develop a healthier appreciation for the value of a good night of sleep.

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