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Simmons has high hopes for BeautySleep mattresses

Brand hits more promotional price points

ATLANTA — A new but familiar-sounding brand name will help Simmons put more bounce in its sales this year, company officials say. The maker of Beautyrest bedding has added BeautySleep to its brand stable and has high hopes for the promotional brand.

 Simmons’ new BeautySleep line introduces a familiar-sounding brand to the company’s bedding lineup.Simmons’ new BeautySleep line introduces a familiar-sounding brand to the company’s bedding lineup.

Simmons has had the BeautySleep brand trademarked for decades but is only now introducing it into the market.

Company officials say the brand already boasts a high recognition level. "Research has shown that the BeautySleep name itself has near automatic recognition among consumers, which exceeds that of many other established brands in the industry," said Rolf Sannes, Simmons' brand director.

The BeautySleep line consists of nine open-coil models retailing from $399 to $799. Some feature memory foam and foam-encased edge support.

The combination of the strong brand name, the "high performance" product designs, and the comfort levels offered in the line "will create retail excitement" and will give retailers "a big opportunity" to drive traffic, Sannes said. He added that the line will give Simmons dealers a powerful step-up selling story, leading them into the company's flagship Beautyrest offerings.

Step-up sales will be more important than ever this year, Simmons officials predicted. Consumer research indicates that 80% of consumers are looking to trade down or delay their bedding purchases this year, they said. Bedding producers hoping to trade those consumers up to better goods need powerful selling stories, they added.

Simmons says it offers "the strongest step-up opportunity in the category" with its new BeautySleep line, which largely replaces the DeepSleep promotional line that Simmons introduced in 2001. One model, retailing at $299, remains in that line.

Step-up selling is emphasized with all of Simmons' new products, according to Tim Oakhill, executive vice president of marketing. Stepping consumers up to better goods will help retailers drive profitability this year, he said.

Also new at Simmons are Beautyrest Classic models retailing from $599 to $999 and Beautyrest World Class models retailing between $1,000 and $2,000 that feature Simmons' Evenloft Design, which eliminates the use of quilt stitching to create a smooth sleeping surface and provide additional comfort options, officials said.

And, at the high-end of the Simmons line, the Beautyrest Black luxury line is introducing a new coil design to add new comfort options, and a new foam technology, the Transflexion process. That process involves pre-compressing foam to break it in and ensure that consumers experience the same comfort on their bed at home as they experienced in the store.

Mark Owen, Simmons' vice president of brand management, said the consistency of the foam feels resulting from that process should lead to a significant reduction in comfort returns and should produce greater consumer satisfaction levels.

The Beautyrest Black line retails from about $2,000 to $5,000.

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