Robinson offers tips to make online videos compelling

DFW Furniture’s Andrew RobinsonDFW Furniture’s Andrew Robinson uses an online video to explain the difference between innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses.
NEW ORLEANS - Here are a few tips from DFW Furniture's Andrew Robinson on making compelling website videos:
► Demonstrate. Don't be a talking head, he said. Show how a product's features and benefits work. Show off the lumbar support on a recliner, or how it fits a six-foot person comfortably.
► Be authoritative. Robinson took some time at a High Point Premarket a couple of years ago to interview Vaughan-Bassett's Doug Bassett and other supplier executives to video them about their brands and their American heritage. It gave DFW an opportunity to be the source for these stories and to show consumers that it's buying American and therefore helping American workers. DFW has also has had its videos picked up by how-to websites and other sources.
► Include key references, such as store name, address, product name and key search words like "how to" and "what is the difference between."
► Mine for contacts info from consumers searching your content. Extend what Robinson calls "ethical bribes," such as coupon or a product guides that viewers get for filling out basic contact information, such as name and email. Robinson called attention to Gardner's Mattress & More of Lancaster, Pa., whose owner is a master of this, he said, with a video on its main page pointing consumers to a mattress buying guide that includes the type of information that guides consumers right back to Gardner's.
► Be brief. Robinson recommends no longer than 90 seconds for a video length. Attention spans are short, and Google gives content a higher value score when viewers watch whole segments.
► Be ubiquitous. Start with a YouTube channel. Tweet about the videos and post them to your website, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media outlets.

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