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HSM enters joint venture to make microcoil lines in North America

HICKORY, N.C. — HSM has announced a joint venture called HS2 between E&R-Hickory and Spinks Springs to manufacture and distribute Posturfil, PosturfilHD and Flexecore microcoils in North America.

E&R-Hickory is a joint venture between components supplier HSM and Elson & Robbins/Wade Spring, a British producer of bedding and upholstery spring interiors. The products produced by HS2 will be marketed exclusively by HSM in North America, officials said.

Based on the success of their existing distribution agreement, the two companies have concluded that manufacturing the products in the U.S. will significantly reduce lead times and offer more competitive pricing, executives said.

"Producing these unique coils here in the U.S. opens up new marketing opportunities for HSM," said Todd Councilman, vice president of HSM Bedding Solutions. "At the same time, this addition to our product line reinforces HSM's commitment to provide more integrated solutions to the bedding industry."

"This is a very exciting time for Spinks Springs, as we expand manufacturing operations previously limited to the U.K. and move into North America," added Darren Marcangelo, Spinks Springs commercial director.

Comfort increases as coils are layered, providing manufacturers with the ability to create a range of comfort in their retail offerings. And because microcoils provide three-way stretch, they further enhance comfort, officials said.

Spinks Springs introduced the small coils several years ago using patented machine and design technology. At ¾-inch high, PosturfilHD springs offer a spring count equivalent to more than 2,000 coils in a queen-size mattress. The 1½-inch-tall Posturfil springs are available in five tensions, with spring counts up to 1,000 coils in a queen-size mattress. Flexecore springs are 2½ inches tall and come in sheets that support Posturfil and PosturfilHD microcoil applications.

Spinks Springs is part of the Harrison Spinks Group, which has three British bed brands - Harrison, Somnus and Spink & Edgar - as well as the Spinks Springs component brand. With high-end bed and mattress manufacturer Harrison Spinks, the company makes and designs microcoil encased springs for sale worldwide through its components business.

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