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David Perry

Selling Sleep: Sleeping Enough?

Now we begin a new series of reports on some fascinating findings from the Better Sleep Council, the bedding industry's education arm. The BSC does consumer surveys on a regular basis to judge Americans' sentiment on a variety of sleep issues.

Sleeping Enough?

Do you feel that, on average, you are getting enough sleep?
Do you feel

Source: Better Sleep Council 2013 Consumer Survey

This new BSC survey data looks at key bedding and sleep issues, as this first report indicates. Here the BSC tackles one of the most basic sleep questions of all: Are Americans getting enough sleep?
The results, predictably, are troubling. Almost half of Americans say they are not, on average, getting enough sleep. The BSC paints this finding in stark language: Those Americans are sleep deprived.
We like that label, because it serves as a call to action. It's one thing to admit you aren't getting enough sleep. It's another to admit you are sleep deprived.
And note that more women feel they aren't getting enough sleep. Those are our target consumers.

Applying the findings

This baseline data can provide big headlines for mattress ads: "Half of Americans are sleep deprived! We can help. Check out our sleep-inducing mattresses today."
The shock value of these findings should not be underestimated. By their own admission, half of Americans need to do something to fix their sleep problem. We think it should be a pretty straightforward equation to introduce a new mattress as a possible solution to this problem.
These findings should also be helpful for retail sales associates. Asking consumers if they are getting enough sleep is likely to open a door that leads to a new mattress or new sleep accessories.

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