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Carpenter returns to video to promote better sleep

The new Rhett & LinkThe new Rhett & Link video for Carpenter Co. features split screens that show various creatures interrupting people’s sleep. Consumers are invited to spot the differences in the videos to win a cash prize.
RICHMOND, Va. - Cushioning products major Carpenter Co. and its unit are hoping lightning will strike again as they team up with YouTube stars Rhett & Link for a new video that features a better sleep message.
     The new effort is the first ever side-by-side "Spot the Differences" video on YouTube, officials said. The production is a music video for the original song "Sleep Tight," which tells the whimsical tale of the Higgenbottem family, which is looking for a good night's sleep before a "big day" only to be interrupted by sleep intruders (Rhett & Link in costume).
     The twist, never before attempted on YouTube, is a split screen video that at first glance looks like the same footage but upon further inspection has dozens of differences throughout for viewers to find.
     The video is a followup to the "2 Guys, 600 Pillows" video sponsored by that went viral. That video, also produced by Rhett & Link, has been viewed more than 5.7 million times on YouTube and has won online awards.
     Watch the new video by searching for "Spot the Differences" on YouTube. The video's title starts with "Steampunk Tooth Fairy."
     " has led the industry in its outreach to consumers on the importance of sleep by leveraging the most popular communications channels in ways that have never been dreamed of before," said Dan Schecter, vice president of consumer products at Carpenter and creator of SleepBetter. org. "This incredible video fits into the long line of successful outreach tactics in our multiyear dialogue with America about the profound benefits of sleeping better, and we expect it will benefit the entire industry as the message spreads."
     The video drives viewers to the SleepBetter Facebook page ( to access the "Answer Key" video after entering their guess for the total number of differences, and thereby entering a contest for SleepBetter bedding products and a $4,000 cash prize.
     SleepBetter will market the program in all of its social media channels including on and on its Facebook page as well as targeted YouTube ads and online banner advertising.

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