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New fabrics to shine at Showtime in High Point

HIGH POINT — It's the era of the artisan.
     When suppliers open the doors to their Showtime showrooms here on Sunday, many will be introducing fabric lines with a strong hand-crafted aesthetic. Reminiscent of textiles found in global bazaars or created using centuries-old techniques, these artisanal fabrics are an important option for upholstery suppliers trying to address consumer demand for customization.

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     "We have added designers, and with this addition, we're now drawing 80-90% of all of our patterns," said Cathy Smith, director of design and merchandising for De Leo Textiles. "We've been heading in this direction for several seasons, and now we've brought it to fruition."


Geometric fabrics pair well with transitional and modern furniture styles, and the patterns remain strong. Some introductions are straightforward geometric patterns; others have been re-envisioned as abstract forms and shapes.

P/KaufmannP/Kaufmann Frolic in Tutti FruttiSunburySunbury Swoosh Graphic, Linear Fusion, Shawbury

    "A key theme for the introductions is shape," said designer Amber Cummins. "We're showing how geometrics are evolving from basic and rigid to artistic, organic and digitally inspired."
     De Leo Textiles will introduce 60 new patterns at Showtime and is also showing significant colorway additions in more than 30 existing fabrics. Smith said the company is also introducing resist dyed fabrics.
     "These are not individual yarn-dyed colors," Smith said. "We'll have neutrals, gold and grays, blacks and grays and blues.


Luxury never goes out of style, and upholstery suppliers offer it via distinctive fabrics and frames. Some textile suppliers are adding hints of shimmer to their fabric mix via metallic threads. Others offer a luxe option with fabrics that feel as good as they look.

American SilkAmerican Silk ArtisanalHigh Five TextilesHigh Five Textiles Trapo Decor #3039, De Poortere #5034.16, Trapo #9070
Covington Fabric & DesignCovington Fabric & Design Baldwin in Graphite and LilacSe7enSe7en Belle Fleur and Traverse
American SilkAmerican Silk CostaP/KaufmannP/Kaufmann Bollywow in Confetti
American Silk Dazzling

     "Our digitally inspired fabrics include voids and lines," continued Smith. "The null space is an important part of the design, and the lines aren't quite perfect. It's a deconstructed look."
     Valdese Weavers is introducing a fabric that could accurately be described as "inspired by artisans for artisans." Inspired by a hand-made basket, Telles is a thick blue woven fabric that is modern and rustic, complementing many of the introductions in Valdese's urban lodge style interpretation.


Texture adds perceived value to upholstery, as well as visual interest. Whether part of tone-ontone neutrals or bright hues, texture remains an important influence in fabric and is strong in introductions.

Valdese Weavers TrattoriaValdese Weavers Trattoria (blue), Tailored (Red)Valdese WeaversValdese Weavers Anichka
American SilkAmerican Silk Rousseau and ManningAdesal JacquardsAdesal Jacquards Felt Kilt
Adesal JacquardsAdesal Jacquards Okie DottieCovington FabricCovington Fabric & Design Bermuda

     Along with the urban lodge theme, Valdese is introducing a collection of new traditional fabrics to correspond with the transitional category in upholstered furniture. Updated cut velvets and tapestries energize traditional patterns, and distinctive patterns like Chickadee, featuring embroidery on top of a jacquard, and Peacock add a touch of whimsy to classic décor.
     Valdese Weavers is also introducing a performance collection at Showtime. Recently, the company announced a partnership with Crypton Home, and the first collaborative fabrics include a variety of styles.

Not quite neutral/ naturals

Neutrals are classic, and color is a must for retailers and consumers. Fabric suppliers are offering both by adding distinctive patterns and designs that can punch up a neutral palette.

Valdese WeaversValdese Weavers Happy StanValdeseValdese Weavers Chiyo
Valdese WeaversValdese Weavers MonalunaValdeseValdese Weavers Chickadee
Se7enSe7en Fiji and TysonAdesal JacquardsAdesal Jacquards Vintage Book

     "This initial launch will include both contemporary and traditional patterns in six fashion-forward color palettes addressing a flexible lifestyle interior," said Laura Levinson, chief creative officer at Valdese. "Future collections will be based on the broad portfolio of patterns created by Valdese Weavers each season."
     Valdese says its product variety and substantial investment in equipment has put the company on track for a record year.
     "Year to date, this has been one of the best years for us in the history of the company," said Mike Shelton, president and CEO. "We're continuing to make substantial investments in equipment and our customers are confident that we will be able to meet their needs."
     American Silk's introductions include fabrics hand-painted by designers. The company is also adding to the Signature Silks cut yardage program available in three-yard minimums.
     "It is a very artisanal collection," said Cynthia Clark Douthit, vice president of design for the company. "We also have a recycle story with Sensuede, which is as green as a fabric can be, as well as cleanable and washable. Skins are doing well as are fabrics with hints of luster. Silk damasks are becoming more important, and velvets are not subsiding. I think classic style is growing stronger, and we make sure our colors are current, forward, lasting and timeless. When a color is great, it never goes out of style."


Contemporary and modern styles remain important in urniture, but there has also been an uptick in classic, timeless furniture. Fabric suppliers have updated fabrics that pair well with the new traditional style, adding fresh colors in familiar patterns.

P/Kaufmann Silk ThreadsP/Kaufmann Silk Threads, Trend Setter, Stitch ChevronAdesal JacquardsAdesal Jacquards Table Cloth
Valdese WeaversValdese Weavers Abu DhabiAmerican SilkAmerican Silk Grand Bazaar
P/KaufmannP/Kaufmann Lanark and FinleyAmerican SilkAmerican Silk Josephine
BrooksBrooks PeacockValdese WeaversValdese Weavers Vintage Book

     The High Five showroom will include collections from six mills - Algemene, Trapo, Penelope, Bruvatex, Vilber and De Poortere. Introductions include a luxe gray solid with 37% viscose from De Poortere and two 100% cotton plaids from Trapo - one in vibrant coral and tangerine and another in muted gray and blue.
     At Se7en, key introduction themes include modern contemporary, casual elegance, global impact and eco-chic. President and CEO Michael Durham said the themes correspond to a diverse product line.
     "Diversity is part of the reason we've done so well," Durham said. "We're more aggressive on some price points for volume players, and for target customers, we're doing the things they need to freshen up their showrooms. We were up double-digits in August, and we had the best furniture placement market that we've ever had. We're continuing to try to provide four or five lifestyles introductions at each Showtime."

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     Sunbury Textiles is featuring bright colors, florals and retro-inspired geometrics in its introductions. Linear Fusion is described by company officials as "modern art meets technology in a line work drawing." Shawbury is a multicolored pinstripe, and Swoosh Graphic is listed as an "action-linked geometric with retro inspired texture."
     Adesal Jacquards is showing Grain Sack, a textured fabric inspired by burlap with a bicycle motif. The Magazine Collection combines classical designs, stripes, pied de poule and animal prints with "cuts" from magazines, newspapers and other publications with various fonts and styles.

Artisan Global

It's a new era for the artisan as consumers, particularly Millennials, put authenticity and craftsmanship at the top of their musthave list of qualifiers for purchases. Fabric suppliers address the demand with whimsical adaptations of patterns and colors, along with creative reinterpretations of hand-made items and global textiles.

Valdese WeaversValdese Weavers Telles Sunbury Textile MillsSunbury Textile Mills Colorstitch, Langford Garden, Ric-Rac, Devon Garden
 P/KaufmannP/Kaufmann SarizAdesal Jacquards
Adesal Jacquards Grain Sack
 P/KaufmannP/Kaufmann Enchanted Forest Adesal JacquardsAdesal Jacquards Magazine Collage
 Valdese WeaversValdese Weavers IdyllicCovington Fabric
Covington Fabric &Design Cameron and Carson
 Cameron and CarsonCovington Fabric & Design Cameron and Carson Valdese WeaversValdese Weavers Grandame
 Se7enSe7en HipsterSe7en
Se7en Emporium and Torrance

     Geometrics, florals and linens are key introductions at P/Kaufmann. Paint Palette is a 100% linen collection with impressionistic watercolor patterns. Enchanted Forest is a dramatic 100% cotton introduction that combines brights with black in one colorway for a mix that is both classic and fresh.
     "Geometrics are huge right now," said P/Kaufmann's Terrell Gary. "They are popular because they are very transitional and can go anywhere.
     "We are also introducing Finley and Lanark, which are more traditional," Gary said. "You always have a market for traditional."
P/Kaufmann's Graphic Edge is a new base cloth for the company that is 100% cotton fabric made to look like linen. Temptation is a new velvet available in 40 colors, and Gary said the company is also offering prints on velvet.
     The Boudoir collection is a series of coordinated wovens that includes paisleys, matelassé and embroidered patterns.

"You can do an entire room from this collection," Gary said. "It's a one-stop shop for designers."

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I look forward to sharing what I see and I hope you'll feel free to do the same. Email me at chodnett@furnituretoday.com or follow me on Twitter @CynthiaWHodnett.


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