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  • David Perry

Selling Sleep

Marketing overview
Everyone wants to be at their best. And thanks to this intriguing research done by the National Sleep Foundation, we now know exactly how much sleep it takes us to get to that promised land.
     The NSF focused on sleep and exercise in its latest Sleep in America poll. Interestingly, the findings show that exercisers of all levels receive significant benefits in their sleep lives. Simply put: They all need less sleep to function at their best than non-exercisers.
     The vigorous exercisers fared the best. They need slightly less sleep, on average, than moderate and light exercisers. But all of the exercisers benefit from that activity, the study finds. The findings also show that non-exercisers need more sleep than those who exercise to function at their best.

Applying the findings
This is valuable data for retail sales associates. It turns them into better health professionals. Simply by asking their customers about their exercise levels, they can show them how much sleep their peers report they need to function at their best. Who wouldn't be interested in knowing that?
     This is good information for the savvy RSAs tool kit. Better sleep tips are a great thing to share with consumers looking for a new bed.

Hours of sleep needed to function at best during the day
Selling Sleep


Source: National Sleep Foundation 2013 Poll


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