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  • David Perry

Temperature regulation a hot topic

Blu Sleep says its IceBlu Sleep says its Ice Gel pillow uses foamed gel and ventilation perforations to dissipate heat and moisture.
LAS VEGAS - It's one of the hottest trends in bedding. Well, make that one of the coolest trends.
     Mattress and sleep accessories producers continue to tout the temperature-regulating nature of their products, saying they give sleepers a better night of sleep.
     Several introductions here show this movement has plenty of momentum and will be an important one this year on mattress sales floors.
     Emerald Sleep Systems, a division of Emerald Home Furnishings, a full-line supplier to the industry, is introducing its Cool Jewel sleep collection here. As that name suggests, that is "a new line of advanced cooling gel mattresses, toppers and pillows," the company says.
     The mattresses feature cooling gel, cooling memory foam and cooling mesh to deliver a "balanced" sleep experience. The mattresses respond and adjust to temperature, movement and body shape to deliver cool, comfortable sleep, the company says.
     "The Cool Jewel collection delivers consumers many cooling and comfort features through its innovative design and use of premium components," said David Beckmann, president of Emerald Home Furnishings. "In Cool Jewel we have developed competitive sleep products at a high quality that are certain to appeal to our current and prospective mattress and furniture retail partners."
     The top layer of the mattresses features high-density memory foam infused with gel. And seeking to address complaints about traditional memory foam, the company is using perforated memory foam with ventilation holes engineered to help diffuse heat and allow air to circulate through the foam, officials said.
     Spaldin Sleep Systems is introducing Gemma, a mattress collection engineered to maximize thermal sleep comfort, the company says. It uses a pentagonal-dodecahedron cell structure, which allows for constant airflow inside the mattress, the company says.
Spaldin’s Gemma mattressSpaldin’s Gemma mattress is designed to provide thermal sleep comfort with an open cell, gel-infused technology.

     And a special technique used in the manufacturing process insures that Gemma foam "dries almost immediately after exposure to any sort of moisture," it adds.
     The new line has been independently tested and certified to have a 36% better thermal sleep comfort level than other lines using an open cell gel-infused technology, says Oscar Valdemoros, president of Spaldin.
     "Thermal comfort has been the big forgotten element in the industry for years," he said. "It affects more than 50% of the quality of our sleep. In our aim to mimic nature, Spaldin has always considered the thermal conductivity of the materials we use to build our mattresses and to consider how they interact with the sleep and circadian cycles of the human body."
     Also touting a temperature story is Blu Sleep, a Canadian sleep products producer. Its new Ice Gel line is "the company's coolest sleep collection yet," officials said.
     Ice Gel pillows use a foamed gel that offers a sleeper a fast-reacting, non-temperature sensitive feel.
     The gel formulation draws heat away from the sleeper's body for a cool feeling, and this is "actual gel formulated into gel foam pillows," the company says. It has an open cell structure that works with ventilation perforations to dissipate heat and moisture.
     Blu Sleep is also introducing Breeze memory foam pillows and toppers, which use a non-temperature sensitive and open cell technology.
     Alex Ciccolella, president of Blu Sleep, says the company's line of sleep accessories is helping some retailers sell more mattresses.
     "Customer satisfaction is so high," he said, "they become prospects for mattresses. That is a really powerful story."


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