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Furniture stores trading up to higher-priced sleep sets

Mattress Metrics

What a difference a year - or two - makes.
     That's especially true on the mattress sales floors of furniture stores across the country, according to an analysis of Furniture/Today's latest Furniture Store Performance Report. The report, which we recently published, presents an overview of the performance of furniture retailers with more than 9,000 storefronts.
     The findings on mattresses are, once again, striking. This category continues to be a standout on furniture floors.
     Take the data we presented at the top of this column, for example.
     In just two years, the median price of the best-selling sleep sets in queen has jumped by a whopping $200, to $899. That is a hefty 28.6% increase, and that is the fourth-highest increase for the 14 product categories we examined in the study. Only fabric-covered stationary sofas, leather-covered stationary sofas and master bedroom queen beds had higher increases.
     The jump in best-selling bedding price points reflects an overall increase in sales of high-end beds, a trend that Tempur-Pedic has, historically, sparked. The number of high-end beds on furniture store floors has mushroomed in recent years, as companies like Serta and others have introduced competing memory foam models.
     This move upward in bedding prices is a good thing for everyone. Furniture stores are selling better beds and making more profit on each sale. And consumers are buying better beds that deliver a better night of sleep.


Key take-away

Things can change rapidly in the mattress business. In just two years, furniture stores have elevated their best-selling bedding price to $899. Furniture store owners who haven't remerchandised their mattress floors in a while can wait no longer. Better bedding business is at hand.

Better beds

Best-selling sleep set retail price points
Medians for queen-sized bedding
Better beds
Source: Furniture/Today’s Furniture Store Performance Report, 2012

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