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Mattress Metrics: Romantic bedrooms

Romance in the bedroom starts with comfy mattress

The mattress industry has an odd relationship with the subject of romance. Consumer marketers have turned a whole bevy of products - shampoo, mouthwash, body sprays, etc. - into supposed keys to romance, but the mattress industry has the product that is the very foundation of romance in the bedroom. Yes, we are talking about the mattress.

Romantic bedrooms

Percent of respondents citing these elements as important to creating a romantic environment
National Sleep Foundation’s Bedroom

Source: National Sleep Foundation's Bedroom Poll, 2011

     But many mattress marketers don't dare bring up the subject of romance, apparently for fear of offending consumers. That has always struck us as strange. Of course we understand that women are the key mattress customers, and we also understand that men and women look at romance in different ways. But the poll results here provide clear evidence that many men and women say a comfortable mattress is critical in creating a romantic environment; the mattress leads the list of factors cited by poll respondents.
     A close second in the romance department is a set of sheets with a comfortable feel, inviting the users to slip under the sheets and to ... well, you know. And comfortable pillows are pretty high up on the romance list as well.
     We think there are great marketing opportunities here for retailers who aren't afraid to head down the road toward romance. This is exactly where we as an industry need to break out the "romance copy." Comfortable mattresses, sheets and pillows all contribute to romantic environments, respondents say. What are you waiting for?

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