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Scott & DuVal debutsexpanded specialty line

Scott & DuVal lineLe Duvet is a high-end model in the new Scott & DuVal line.
Las Vegas - Scott & DuVal, Carolina Mattress Guild's highend bedding division, is introducing an expanded line of specialty and innerspring beds at this week's Las Vegas Market.
     The 12-bed lineup includeseight new models and a numberof new fashion designs at retailsranging from $999 to $4,999, thecompany said.
     The Scott & DuVal line waslaunched at the fall High PointMarket. It offers unique looks valuedby high-end bedding consumers,according to Eric Hinshaw,president of the Scott & DuValbusiness.
     "To be able to sell luxurybedding in today's competitivemarket, a line must both lookdifferent and be different," saidHinshaw, formerly CEO ofKingsdown. "The new Scott &DuVal line is totally different inlook and feel from anything inthe market, and those differencesare appealing to the luxury consumer."
     In addition to the new mattresses,Scott & DuVal is alsoentering the motion base categorywith its high-end Luxe six-sectioncontour adjustable bed. Featuresof the Luxe base include nightlights, A/C electrical plugs, WiFicapabilities (making it possible tocontrol the bed via a smartphoneor tablet), and a reclining "loungestyle"foot section.
     The Luxe motion base can beused to coordinate with any Scott& DuVal mattress.
    Scott & DuVal also is introducinga Custom Collections designprogram. Custom Collectionsis a customizable lineup designedto give retailers a choice of variousfabric colorways and trim optionsto best suit their market's needsand preferences, officials said.
     "We feel that the retailersknow their customers best andshould have input into the colorsand designs for the products intheir bedding departments," saidKathy Grigg, vice president ofCarolina Mattress Guild. "OurCustom Collections programallows the design flexibility theirstores need and is not a cookiecutter approach that can be foundon every corner."
     Scott & DuVal is showingin the Carolina Mattress Guildshowroom, World Market CenterB-946.

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