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Fabrictech rebranding itself as PureCare

Company will unveil pillow line at Las Vegas Market
 PureCare executives Arnold Hershbain, left, Jeff Bergman and Sean Bergman expect good things from their newly renamed company at this month’s Las Vegas Market.PureCare executives Arnold Hershbain, left, Jeff Bergman and Sean Bergman expect good things from their newly renamed company at this month’s Las Vegas Market.

FAIRFIELD, N.J. — Sleep accessories supplier Fabrictech International is rebranding itself as PureCare, emphasizing a brand name it has been building in recent years.

The 13-year-old company, founded by bedding veteran Sam Chase in 2000, is unveiling its new company identity this month as it prepares for what it is hoping will be a breakout Las Vegas Market. There the company will unveil a new personalized pillow line called PureCare One at the Jan. 26-30 event.

PureCare, a name first used by the company on a line of silver-treated mattress protectors, is the company's new corporate name and will be used in all of its marketing materials. The Fabrictech name won't disappear; it will be used for some promotional products.

The PureCare name better communicates the company's key products and themes, executives said.

"PureCare really represents who we are today," said Sean Bergman, the company's chief marketing officer. "Our main focus is creating healthier, cleaner sleep environments."

Added CEO Arnold Hershbain, "Who is our customer? Our line particularly appeals to women. The Fabrictech name didn't relate to women; it has a more masculine appeal. The PureCare name and the health and wellness messages that go with it are far more meaningful to women."

Jeff Bergman, president and chief operating officer, added, "People looked at Fabrictech as a fabric company."

The three executives recently sat down with Furniture/Today at their new headquarters and warehouse in this upper New Jersey township to talk about the evolution of their company, one that is now operating out of a 30,000-square-foot complex that is five times the size of the previous facility, just one sign of the company's fast growth.

Home furnishings representative Sam Chase founded the company as Fabrictech 2000 in that year, focusing on providing protection for upholstery fabrics. He partnered with home furnishings retail veteran Arnold Hersh-bain in 2005, but died shortly thereafter. Hershbain has carried the company forward.

 These are some of the aromatherapy products in the PureCare line.These are some of the aromatherapy products in the PureCare line.

Fabrictech entered the bedding category with mattress and pillow protection products in 2003 and continued to grow in that arena.

In 2009 Hershbain brought bedding veteran Jeff Bergman into the company as president and COO. Bergman's son, Sean, joined the team the following year as chief marketing officer.

Working with Hershbain and his team (which includes Sharon Hershbain, his wife, who is global logistics manager, and David Hershbain, his son, who is executive vice president and chief administrative officer), the Bergmans instituted an ambitious growth plan.

That plan saw the company increasingly focus on health and wellness messages rather than the mattress and pillow protection messages other companies have more traditionally employed. The Bergmans like to say their company "changed the dialogue" in the industry to emphasize the importance of clean, healthy sleep environments.

The company expanded into the pillow category, won the backing of the prestigious National Sleep Foundation for its PureCare Silver products, rolled out new lines of products that promote healthier sleep, including a line of aromatherapy products, and opened a new showroom at the Las Vegas Market.

It also expanded its executive team with the addition of James Robb as vice president and general manager. He has a background in department stores, catalog businesses, e-commerce and store operations.

"Jim's leadership has affected everyone in our office," Sean Bergman said.

Under Robb's tutelage, the company has dramatically boosted the efficiency in its shipping operations. Most orders received at the warehouse are shipped the same day, Robb said.

PureCare's products are manufactured in China and are subjected to a rigid inspection process to ensure quality, Jeff Bergman said. He said the company has two factories for each of its products to ensure steady sources of supply.

"Our factories have seen our growth and are excited about the opportunities this presents to them," Arnold Hershbain said. "They do things for us and for our customers to continue to earn our business."

With its first five-year growth plan in the books, PureCare is now looking for a new round of growth.

"Our rebranding ushers us into a new generation, a new age for the company," Sean Bergman said.


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