Glideaway adds new looks in youth bedding

Retail Editor 4, January 30, 2014

Las Vegas - Look carefullyfor Glideaway's expanding lineof Jubilee Sleepharmony youthmattresses. One of the new bedsfeatures a camouflage cover. Andthe other carries on the outdoorstheme, featuring a zebra print -in hot pink.
     "When we introduced colorinto our juvenile bedding line afew years back, the response atretail was amazing," said RonFredman, Glideaway's executivevice president of sales.
     "Customers were drawn tothe vibrant colors on showroomfloors and sales skyrocketed.For this market, we did furtherresearch into growing trends inthe youth category and found thatcamouflage, animal prints andneon colors were the most populartrends and from the inside out, theJubilee collection is designed withchildren in mind."
     He said it was a natural movefor the company to add the newlooks. "This is a prime exampleof how a design element, like boldpatterns, can draw consumers toa product and we expect the newpattern options will generate evenmore interest from our retailers,"Fredman said.
     The mattress features fiveinches of Certi-PUR-US high densitymemory foam and two inchesof a three-pound specially designedmemory foam for support andcomfort, he added.
     The Jubilee collection will nowinclude eight velour cover options.Along with the new additions, thecompany offers Bright Orange,Lime Green, Gubble Gum Pink,Purple, Blue and Black. The additionsfeature an added benefit ofmesh side panels for breathability.Each mattress also comes with amatching shredded memory foampillow and retails for $399.
     The St. Louis-based company,which shows in World MarketCenter C-1537, is also introducingan updated Sleepharmonymemory foam pillow collection.Among the new features are geland charcoal-infused memoryfoam, a first for the company.
     Two new models, Embraceand CG Sleep, join the updatedBlue Chill and All Seasons tocomplete the collection. This is thefirst Glideaway pillow collectiondesigned in conjunction with thecompany's recently introducedpoint-of-purchase initiative, "TheFive Good Sleep ComponentsGuide," which was developed as aguide for retail sales associates andan educational tool for consumers.
     All four models will be sold innew packaging. Bulky boxes havebeen replaced by sturdy bags withhandles that allow consumers tosee and feel the pillow in the packaging.POP display for pillowsand protectors will also see anupdate - as a steel constructionis replaced with white acrylic toincrease visibility on the floor, thecompany said.
     "Pillows and accessories continueto be one of the growth areasin the sleep products industry andwe wanted to broaden our offeringsto give retailers even moreassortment for their customers,"said Dan Baker, Glideaway's vicepresident of sales. "These newSKUs provide some of the latesttechnologies to our clients. Whenthey carry our line, they now havethe ability to offer the full range ofproduct available on the markettoday."
     The Sleepharmony pillows areoffered in standard/queen size witha suggested retail range of $59.99to $79.99.

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