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Kingsdown revamps 3 other lines

Las Vegas - Top 15 bedding producer Kingsdown is upgrading three of its key lines with new fabrics, borders, design details and latex foams. The company says the new designs represent the largest line overhaul it has ever engineered.
     "The new introductionsand the retrofitting of someof our legacy lines came outthrough dialogue with ourdealers who, interestinglyenough, asked us to be morelike the Kingsdown of yore,when we were known forluxury and only using thefinest materials and constructions,"said Kingsdown Presidentand CEO Frank Hood.
     "While over the past 20 yearswe might have diverted fromthis strategy, we are returningto what our brand has historicallystood for. We believethis news returns luster to thebrand."
     At the top of the line, thebrand is re-launching theKingsdown Handley Collection,featuring a proprietaryapplication of lace over contrastinghigh quality fabrics.The line also offers specialtailoring, luxurious upholstery,hand-made, zoned, highdensitywrapped coil units,and premium components, thecompany said.
     The Handley Collectionutilizes over 2,000 tri-zoned,wrapped coils in its foundation,adding another level ofdurability to the collection.With retails that range from$7,999 to $9,999 in queen,Kingsdown believes theHandley Collection will helpit re-emerge as a leader in theultra-luxury mattress category.
     The Kingsdown Traditionsline presents a fresh stylingapproach to the company'sluxury mattresses. Featuringnew woven fabrics, hand tufting,and assorted luxury hypoallergenic fibers, the collectionleverages the latest offerings inlatex components to providea step-up story the consumerwill see and feel, officials said.Retails range from $2,999 to$7,999.
     The Kingsdown Select lineis a luxury collection of latexmattresses adorned in designerwoven fabrics to present amore traditional look. Sixmodels are shown on the company'sproprietary "progressivefoam core," which offersunique air flow, more motionseparation and maintains itsoriginal firmness significantlybetter than other mattressbrands, officials said.
     Kingsdown Select leveragesnew latex components includingslow-recovering latex withvisco memory foam and latexwith gel and graphite. Retailsrange from $2,299 to $4,999.
     The company has expandedits Kingsdown Passions linewith new models featuring thecooling benefits of gel-engineeredcomponents, such asgel-infused fibers and foams.The line also features a specialcoil system for increasedcontoured support, as well as"designer euro styling" to createa hip, fashionable look, officialssaid. With 18 models, itis one of the company's largestlines. Retails range from $699to $2,099.
     Kingsdown shows in WorldMarket Center B-1300.

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