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Harounian forms Persian American group

New York - Harounian Rugs International CEO David Harounian has announced the formation of the Persian American Business Leadership Council.
     Harounian is past presidentof the Oriental Rugs ImportersAssn. and a past recipient ofAmerica smart Atlanta's President'sAward in recognition forhis service and leadership inthe U.S. area rug industry.
   Harounian said his decisionto form the Persian AmericanBusiness Leadership Council isbased on his leadership experienceat ORIA.
    "The Persian-Americanbusiness community is built onthe integrityof the individualbusinessmanandwoman andthe collectiveexperience ofimmigrantscommitted toliving the American dream,"Harounian said. "We believewe have an obligation to ourcountry, our families andourselves to promote the successof our shared experience,honoring those who have comebefore us and assisting thosewho will follow."
     The council's stated missionis to celebrate U.S. diversityand call attention to theAmerican success story that isthe Persian-American businesscommunity.
    "It is estimated that theUnited States is home to morethan a million Persian-Americans,many of whom holdleadership positions throughouta broad spectrum of disciplinesincluding business,science, medicine, the arts,entertainment and education,"Harounian said. "This emergingorganization is designed tofocus on those who have beenenormously successful as businessentrepreneurs."
     Harounian said membershipin the PABLC is open toall.
    "It is a celebration of thepower of diversity in America,"he said. "While its nameproudly speaks to a specificheritage, the council welcomesall to its membership roll as itunderscores our group's mission."


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